Facebook Is Ignoring Anti-Abortion ‘Fake’ News?

TRUTH: The New York Times AND Washington Post ARE ingoring accurate prolife/anti-abortion news. Rather, they ‘report’ fake prolife/anti-abortion news, ignore real science and love agenda that tries to dispel truths. I mean, why the psychotic love of unborn baby killing? Why ignore science? What is the end game? But then again, we do know the answer to that: To see all women far and above the moral law, biblical law and secular law. Because, women.

While Facebook rolls over for anything liberal and anti-life, they can’t ‘bust’ the prolife/anti-abortion movement. There is not one shred of evidence that anything in prolife news is actually fake so they do what they can to dissuade and disenfranchise a person’s true moral code into a socialist inspired agenda.

And, then the biggest LIE: “Evidence-based, credible articles about abortion from reputable news outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post didn’t make it to the top of the list of “most shared” articles on Facebook last year, according to BuzzSumo.” I must have laughed at that for at least 10 minutes. I mean seriously, since when does NYT and WP EVER tell the truth much less anything not liberal biased? ANSWER: NEVER.

So the only evidentiary proof – according to the NYT – of fake news is there has to be a money trail for fake news sources, which interestingly, there is none in prolife/anti-abortion news sources. So while there is no actual monetary profit, it limits the ability for liberal news sources to mark anyone or any group as ‘fake’, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to shut us all up.

Calling the REAL science of life at conception ‘anti-science’ is the quintessential FAKE NEWS: “However, the incentive for the people who write content for anti-abortion news sites and Facebook pages is ideological, not financial,” because the only people making money on abortion are abortion business owners, their workers and rags like the New York Times and the Washington Post…and now Facebook.

So….myth busted. But check out the photos below to see who’s really making money from abortion.


Dear NYT: God Called.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Abortion Czars of America really believe that prolifers are strapped with guns and bombs just waiting for the perfect opportunity. The irony is that they kill, we don’t; they sell murder, we profess and preach LIFE. But who’s telling the truth? NOT the New York Times because the math doesn’t lie: 4000 unborn babies die every day from abortion death that is sanctified by Obama, the federal government  and the Liberal Agenda.

Today, the NYT says: “In the world as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia imagines it, anti-abortion advocates resemble Eleanor McCullen, a self-described ‘mother and grandmother’ who stands outside a reproductive-health clinic in Boston and attempts to gently ‘counsel’ approaching women out of getting an abortion,” writes The New York Times Editorial Board, in response to the Court’s decision to strike down a Massachusetts law that established buffer zones around abortion clinics. The editorial says the ruling “ignores what actually happens on the ground,” including “a long and sometimes violent history of protest at reproductive-health clinics.” Read the rest here, if you can stomach it.

Dear NYT: God called. And He prevailed.

On our sidewalk in my city, we are grandfathers and grandmothers, mothers and dads, homeschoolers and the homeschooled, Pastors and Priests, nursing moms and doting dads, and bunches of children. According to the New York Times that seems quite scary to the public at large, but the truth is that the NYT SELDOM tells the truth but doesn’t mind telling the world it’s own God hating liberal bias.

Dear NYT: God called. And He is still King, despite all of your efforts.


Media Bias, Retro Yellow Journalism & Muckraking.

What happens in the press, television media and social media is so left biased that getting a conservative message out is like taking the stripes off of an angry tiger. But much like the abortion ‘business’, print media is in business to make a profit so they cater to liberals. The media loves to attack Christianity of any kind and the abortion issue.

As I rake through the muck of lies of Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry and its supporters, I realize we all have a first amendment right of free speech, but an opinion is not news, it’s a personal twist to attack a truth. So what has happened is what happened 100 years ago in print media, the opinions outweigh the truth and the American public just smiles and nods.

When I was in high school learning about such a thing as yellow journalism and muckraking, it was emphatically taught that news was meant to be shown as unbiased to not sway the reader one way or another; the news, or current events, was to be printed exactly like it happened, not in a skewed fashion to make a reader lean one way or another intentionally. Well, it was a great idea but it never quite got there. Instead, readers have to be educated in current events before reading such liberal muck. Newspapers were revered years ago as being the last word; now it’s used to wrap old dishes and line bird cages.

Just like many other conservative opinionators like me, I’ve written letter after letter to the editors of my local newspapers regarding the rights and liberties of the unborn and has never gotten published….but every idiot that supports abortion ‘rights’ gets their 15 minutes. I already know the agenda of the media; I put it all in God’s hands that He would give these people the opportunity to do the right thing. But as usual, it was business as usual for them.

The media bias today is meant to make everyone question/hate God, kill our unborn, support gay ‘rights’, regard Muslims as a ‘peaceful religion’ and revere the Earth as some kind of demigod. Real issues that affect real people are only tolerated as social prattle, not what it has done to our country as a whole.

As I try to summarize this, I have to remember the little victories instead of focusing on the horrible wrongs that the media outdoes itself with every day. My favorite prime example is the New York Times…habitually all about printing stories lauding abortion and abortion law. Not surprising since they monetarily support Planned Parenthood. Duh.

Newspapers like The New York Times needs to take responsibility for the lives of unborn children murdered every day; they use social bias to write and print about abortion ‘rights’ to sell papers – an obvious coercion of their social bias in print media is one of the main precipitators of most abortions performed in the United States; blame the boyfriend but in the end it’s what we are indoctrinated with that coerces most abortions.