LOUISIANA: Planned Parenthood believes they can sue over abortion clinic license delay? NO. And here’s why.

Dear New Orleans Planned Parenthood: Here’s the thing…YOU LIED. And you always do. You lied to the NOLA city council – buddied up the minority council women to close the deal. You got your coveted building right in the HEART of New Orleans KNOWING that the law was the, you know…THE LAW. Louisiana has the strictest abortion law in the United States, and even more importantly, the current Governor passed a bunch of it. So you have a great big pink mountain to climb.

Oh, and interestingly, KeepLifeLegal was there at the very beginning. We came, we saw, we know.

You built that mega center to kill, the STATE said NO to you at the VERY BEGINNING. You2013-05-20 18.55.02 believed the city council that they could warp the law that protects unborn Louisianians just for you! NO! STOP BULLYING THE STATE. Cecile isn’t there to help anymore, NOLA wants PEACE, not abortion.

Today, 25 unborn Louisianians will die from abortion…TODAY.

Planned Parenthood wants a federal judge to force Louisiana’s health department to issue an abortion license for its clinic in New Orleans, saying in a lawsuit filed Friday that Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration has put up unconstitutional roadblocks to licensure…….The lawsuit, filed in Baton Rouge federal court, challenges as unconstitutional both the delays in approval of the abortion clinic license and a 2016 law pushed by Edwards, an abortion opponent, to block Medicaid financing for entities that perform abortions in Louisiana. Read the rest here.

Unconstitutional….that’s just HILARIOUS.


REAL BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS: Planned Parenthood Saga Continues

Looks like the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals said NO: Planned Parenthood received a rejection letter this past week from the DHH saying Planned Parenthood didn’t demonstrate the need for another abortion facility in Louisiana”.

Well, that blows Planned Parenthood’s ‘undue burden’ lie out the window. The article further stated: “The regulations require any outpatient abortion facility to demonstrate its services are needed to preserve access before it can apply for a license to perform abortions in the state. The state health department used those regulations to refuse Planned Parenthood’s application.”

I’d say that the Big Easy ain’t so easy. Louisiana was voted the most prolife state by Americans United for Life.

Louisiana has five other facilities in the state that are waiting on a March 30 court date to decide the fate of the new law. Read the rest here. But just like in other states, when these abortionists run out of money fighting new laws to keep them from hurting women, they stop the ‘fight’. Remember that when you hear of an abortionist saying they do this for women, for ‘reproductive health’ and ‘choice’. When they can’t afford the court fight, they quit. Money. Money. MONEY.

“Your application failed to establish the probability of serious, adverse consequences to recipients’ ability to access outpatient abortion services if you are not allowed to apply for licensure,” Health and Hospitals Secretary Kathy Kliebert wrote in the rejection letter. Read the rest here.

Last Thanksgiving Day, I personally saw the ‘progress’ of the proposed New Orleans Planned Parenthood site. Below are photos showing the progress from July of 2014 to last November 2014…NONE.

Boycotting and peaceful protests work.

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