NOT #BREAKINGNEWS: Nazi Inspired Ohio Proaborts Disapprove of Life Affirming Medical Board Members Who Had the Nerve to Support Children Surviving Pregnancy

Imagine that! Proabort groups are in a snit over a ‘prolifer’ on the state medical board, even though he’s been on it a while now. So why the fuss all of the sudden? Because three abortionists at a Dayton killing facility are named in a complaint for a forced abortion on a woman that was nearly unconscious from ‘recreational’ drugs: “The move comes three weeks after Dayton Right to Life filed a disciplinary complaint against doctors at Women’s Med Center, an abortion clinic in Kettering.” Read more here.

Guess who’s angry about a ‘prolife’ medical board member: LIBERALS. Why are they angry? Why do they care? Because that would damage their abortion agenda to further unborn baby killing in this state. Look at some of the signers: Doctors for Health Care Solutions, Common Cause Ohio, Ohio National Organization for Women, Innovation Ohio and the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus. Yep, no agenda there, move along, nothing to see here.

Why be mad, proaborts? After all, all of the other anti-life proabort groups names have mysteriously disappeared from the article since it was first published…was it because now you are now KNOWN as proaborts that have no interest in unborn Ohioans who have a right to life? And proaborts make their case perfectly: Do it our way because killing 60 unborn Ohioans every single day is what we are about, not preserving and loving ALL LIFE.

The letter adds that Gonidakis added a personal note to the forwarded press release addressing Theis directly: “Will you finally repudiate the industry for which you so proudly support? So much for ‘women’s health.’ So sad.” Read the rest here.

And to be clear, Gonidakis is about as prolife as they are. Just look as his and ORTL’s endorsements. Abysmal and embarrassing. Gonidakis finally proved himself just as proabort as they are for recusing himself from hearing the Dayton forced abortion case. PATHETIC.

So, all of you, get a clue and do your research before you get yourself in a twist. Seriously, conflict of interest? We’d bet proaborts wouldn’t recuse themselves in the same scenario. This is embarrassing, proaborts are embarrassing.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.

On the Sidewalk Podcast – Is your Candidate #Prolife?

[Podcast] February 20, 2016: Thanks for listening to On the Sidewalk with Katherine Marple. Is your candidate prolife? This broadcast discusses Ohio Right to Life’s blatant misuse of the term ‘prolife candidate’, Peggy Lehner, South Carolina Primary, choosing prolife candidates, voting, local primaries and Planned Parenthood.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options. 

ANSWER: Cronyism, Elitism, Division – QUESTION: How to get a #prolife law passed in #Ohio.

The Heartbeat Bill has been introduced again at the Ohio Statehouse for the THIRD time…why so many times? Because legislators who PROMISED to get this bill through has been shaken down by Ohio Right to Life….for the THIRD time.

The Coward-in-Chief Senate President Keith Faber said today“What you’re doing is saying you’re risking throwing out all of the things we’ve done to save babies in exchange for having a political argument.” Sounds awfully prideful? Faber had promised to back this Bill and turned; he ultimately lied to every person who voted for him. KEEPLIFELEGAL

Faber also accused Rep. Matt Lynch of wanting to kill babies because he introduced the Bill in lameduck: “I don’t know why Rep. Lynch would want to kill babies,” he said. “The heartbeat bill could lead to striking down laws that were passed and upheld. Rep. Lynch would have to answer that question himself. Certainly we think the heartbeat bill moves the cause of anti-abortion back.”

Wouldn’t you think that Ohio Right to Life would be square behind a bill that would save so many babies? Then, what’s their problem? Easily, if there isn’t so much to do  then they stand not to get the donations they need to stay ‘alive’; their political pull and necessary legislators would all go away. ORTL bellows about the constitutionality of the Heartbeat Bill but it’s ORTL who says they want to overturn Roe which seems awfully contradictory. ORTL makes absolutely no sense and has since caused great division, cronyism and elitism in the prolife community in Ohio. ORTL has proven they are not prolife.

Three tubs of aborted babies, now medical ‘waste’.

And in the meantime,  Ohio Right to Life mafia has been picking off our so-called prolife legislators to not back a bill that would save 96% of unborn babies but is behind a 20 week ban that was recently introduced. Do the math: The last report for abortions in Ohio states that 0.7% abortions occurred at 20+ weeks which breaks down to 173 babies died from three to four day late-term abortion procedures in 2013. However, 23,036 babies were aborted before 20+ weeks. SO, a 20 week ban would have saved 173 babies; the Heartbeat Bill would have saved about 22,280 which is SIXTY ONE BABIES PER DAY.

Save 173 or 22,280? “The 20-weeks bill is among the priorities this session for Ohio Right to Life…”. There you go. Ohio Right to Life would rather save 173 babies rather than nearly all of them. That is irresponsible and damnable.

Linda Porter of Faith2ActionTo answer the questions about the Bill, Janet Porter released this today:

“While claiming to be pro-life, Ohio Senate President Keith Faber is using his powerful position to speak out against the most protective pro-life bill in the Ohio House of Representatives. The Heartbeat Bill, H.B. 69, was re-introduced this week in the Ohio House with 50 co-sponsors–enough to pass the bill. Once law, the Heartbeat Bill will protect unborn children whose heartbeats can be heard.

“Senate President Keith Faber claims that passing a bill to protect children could somehow hurt the effort to protect children—it’s absurd.” stated Janet (Folger) Porter, President of Faith2Action, who initiated the Heartbeat Bill.

“What has happened to Senator Faber?” asked Lori Viars of Warren County Right to Life. “Why does he favor the least protection for unborn children when he could be fighting for the most protection? I miss the old Keith Faber—the pro-life conservative that we knew and loved.”

“While a heartbeat is not the beginning of life, it is a universally-accepted indicator of life,” said Porter. “Why would Senator Faber and Republicans in the Senate ignore this indicator of life when it comes to our most vulnerable children?”

“Faber’s claims about the Heartbeat Bill harming other pro-life laws is countered by language in the bill itself,” said Porter. “The Heartbeat Bill expressly states (Section 2919.19, lines 373-374) that it will NOT affect other pro-life laws currently in place.”

“Call Senator Faber at 614-466-7584 and ask him to be consistent: use the same indicator of life for babies that we use for everyone else,” added Porter.

If you have voted for a prolife legislator that is not backing every bit of prolife legislation that crosses their desks, call them, email them. YOU have a right to know why they are NOT doing their job and demand they do what they were elected for.



How to Spot a RINO in the Wilderness of Political Apathy

Most county and state fairs will have political party booths, and with this being a midterm year, you’d think you would have seen some actual candidates. Alas, not at the Miami County Fair in Ohio. Instead attorneys were holding down folding chairs at the Miami County Republican ‘Headquarters’ booth. And pitiful it was.

KEEPLIFELEGALI typically wear a prolife or Christian gear wherever I go to provoke people to think about our precious unborn and the Lord Jesus Christ. No, I don’t get tons of ‘thumbs up’. Today was no different; I wore my 40 Days for Life gear and had a very pleasant day at the county fair with my husband…even with the sneers and jeers of the audacity to actually wear my faith and conviction OUT LOUD.

KEEPLIFELEGALAfter visiting the Miami County Right to Life booth, we went to the Republican Headquarters booth. There were two men there, none looked like any of the candidates of that district. But I asked, somewhat offhandedly, “Are you prolife?” SILENCE. TOTAL SILENCE. One of the men piped up with an apathetic “The Republican platform says prolife.” Really. Sir, I suggest you READ the GOP platform issues regarding protecting unborn life from conception to birth AND the abolition of abortion:

THERE ARE NONE REQUIRING THE ABOLITION OF ABORTION. Until there is a reversal of Roe v. Wade, there cannot be sanctity of  unborn life protection by the federal government. Although the platform does call for the sanctity of all human life, not every card carrying Republican will follow it.

KEEPLIFELEGALBeing totally patronized by what looked and acted like the Sanhedrin, we left the booth but came back about 15 minutes later ANGRY at the party we supported through the years because they SAID they are prolife. Well, the proof is in the platform…NOT PROLIFE. By the time we came back, there were three men there – all attorneys, still no candidates.

The assumption that prolifers are illiterate, ignorant and ill-informed of the issues and platforms is really quite dangerous. Like Sarah Palin said, “Don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight….there is no place for lawyers on the front lines.”

I really hate having to reiterate my prolife/ministry/political resume over and over to let these talking heads know that I’m not your presumed illiterate, ignorant and/or ill-informed prolifer. But there I went again, defending who we are in the FIGHT FOR LIFE.

Probably the most ridiculous thing this attorney said was that we raised the faith card, making our ‘faith’ better than his AND said that our efforts are more righteous than theirs. Not true, that was never said – but nice tactic…take the focus off how pathetic your so-called prolife republican stance is. Yes, we had a witness. A man came along to see and hear the spectacle. He wasn’t pleased with what he heard, either.

Feeding the sheep or entertaining the goats?
Feeding the sheep or entertaining the goats?

While I had an attorney’s ear, I asked him about the appeals process for the notorious partial-birth abortionist Martin Haskell; he has appealed AGAIN and I’d like to know when that is going to stop and a decision made. He said probably never. Well, there you go: Abortionists can appeal forever and continue to kill in the meantime. I asked why they can continue to “make a living” while other criminals have to mind the law. But I suppose that abortionists raise the Liberal card and get their pass.

But there was one last question that we had for the Sanhedrin: What is Miami County Republican Party position on gay marriage?

And the Sanhedrin said: WE HAVE NONE. 

One a side note: They refused to tell us their names.

Well there you go. The GOP is on a platform of NEUTRALITY, said from the mouths of our own Miami County Republican Headquarters. Where were the actual candidates Bill Beagle and Stephen Huffman?

We are in trouble. 

This visit at the Republican fair booth was a polar opposite of last year at the Warren County Fair where there was an actual, real life State Representative shaking hands and getting to know people in his district. Yep, that actually happened.

LET ME SUMMARIZE: This is happening everywhere, maybe the exception is Texas; they seem to do what the actually say…like shut down abortion facilities when they say they will. The sad fact is that what Texas does is no longer the norm, it may never get there again. WE THE PEOPLE have to discern who is actually going to support LIFE from conception to natural death, and it may not be a Republican any longer. Since the oust of Eric Cantor by a Tea Party candidate Dave Brat, this sheds a bright light on the possibilities of the conservative upswing in the United States.

Then….is the Tea Party the new black? In a conservative world, yes it is.




Dayton’s Mayor, Nan Whaley, CHOSE to go to a fundraising event that will fund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. She was accompanied by another woman I did not recognize. I mentioned to her that while she attends this event AS Mayor, 72 Ohioans will die an abortion death. It is quite apparent that Nan Whaley does NOT represent ALL Dayton residents…just the wanted ones. Of course, this was a flagrant misuse of her title ‘Mayor’. I would think that after such a debacle, she would step down as Mayor considering she is pushing her personal agenda in public.


The Cincinnati Enquirer reported, “Media representatives could attend – but to do so, they were asked to sign a statement from the Queen City Club promising not to reveal the location of the event. The Enquirer chose not to do that.” Read the rest here.

Cecile Richards crept in unaware into the Queen City Club in downtown Cincinnati, once known as a place for men to drink brandy and smoke cigars. Now it’s been tarnished with the blood money of the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. Many of the club’s patrons asked us what we were doing and not one of them knew that this fundraiser was going on. Everyone was clearly offended that such a staple in Cincinnati was used for the Walmart of abortion.

Ms. Richards is very aware that Planned Parenthood will not get money from Ohio:

“The Reprioritization of Family Planning Funds will ensure that the first to receive these funds are the 180 Community Health Center clinics throughout the state and that abortion provider Planned Parenthood is last to receive them. The Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Support Act funds crisis pregnancy centers, reimbursing the centers on a fee-for-service basis for non-medical services. The Strengthening of Abortion Clinic Regulations will ensure that abortion clinics are being held accountable for standards of cleanliness.” Read the rest here

KEEPLIFELEGALAnd in a timely manner, Ms. Richards wrote a note to Governor Kasich via the Cincinnati Enquirer. Apparently…she is watching him. I found this to be quite comical:

“Planned Parenthood Action Fund has launched the Women are Watching campaign to ensure women know exactly where the candidates stand on issues that affect their health and rights. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio will be working as part of that effort to defeat Kasich and send a women’s health champion to the governor’s mansion.

We know what’s at stake for women this November.

We’ll be working around the clock to defeat opponents of women’s health and help stem the tide of attacks on women’s health that are hurting Ohio women and families.” Read the rest here.

Actually, I’d call this a threat to our legislators and their family’s well being and support. Texas told Cecile to pack it up, and with our recent victories in the Ohio Statehouse, we not only concur but will take KEEPLIFELEGALanother step further to defeat abortion in Ohio and across this great nation.

The REAL threat to women’s health IS Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards. She is a threat to every unborn baby in this state and across the nation. Richards is a threat to every mom, grandmother, father, grandfather, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and friend. If there is a ‘war on women’, it’s because women like her demonstrate short-cutting who women truly are by making them subservient to the abortion & reproductive agenda.

Ms. Richards and Ms. Whaley:
WE are watching YOU.

Memorial to the Innocents