Furthering the Moral Bankruptcy of the United States

Don’t look surprised. This country has been on a downward spiral since taking prayer out of schools.

And since then, children are taught to be against conservative morality in public school and in the home. The Liberal Agenda and Gay Agenda is accepted, God is not. Minors can be taken to the abortion clinic without a parent’s permission OR knowledge. Unborn life has been replaced with CHOICE.

Americans are morally depleted to the point of changing basic Bible Christian doctrine to conform to this new Liberalism of ‘tolerance’. We have been warned not to speak against it or we’re slapped with a hate crime. Our most basic Constitutional freedoms are waning away right under our noses. People are so desperate that they have become smitten with anything – they have turned from God and gone toward Government for provision and sustenance. A sovereign God has been preplaced with BAD POLICY.

This election is really bringing the out the evil nature of people. People lie, but to this extent? Or is it some huge cloud of deception that can’t be seen through? I was watching PBS – since it is the most liberal television station EVER – and saw how Liberals uses minorities, mainly blacks, to push their agenda using taxpayer money to confound the taxpayers that paid for it. This deception to further another term for Obama using financially and emotionally broken people is repulsive. It’s not even that hard to read between the lines of this junk. Using black women and the Church to help get Obama reelected is evil and pathetic.

I mean, does he kiss his mother with that lying mouth? But how can a person like Obama understand how morally bankrupt he is? Can he ever comprehend LIFE?

Truly, I say that no one can possibly understand what is happening to our country until they understand the basics of LIFE. Can a person really understand that each one of us is made in His Image? Can they understand that He knew each of us before we were formed in the womb of our mother? Is there no beauty in Life anymore?

Yesterday, my daughter and I were having a conversation about how God speaks to us. She said, and BTW I concur, that the beauty of what God does with nature speaks LOUDLY of how much He loves us and how mighty He really is. Can you make a mountain? Me, either.

All things being equal, and they aren’t, we have to call a liar a liar instead of Commander in Chief. We are not his crash-test dummies, we are taxpaying moral people that deserve to be treated with as much dignity and respect that Obama gives union leaders taking kickbacks from organized criminals and CEO’s of the largest abortion provider.

Mr. Obama, tear down this socialist wall!