The Gosnell Tipping Scale of Polite Society

Are you offended yet? Has abortion finally sunk in as a heinous crime that systematically attacks and kills the unborn, just born and aborting mothers? Do you see how the abortion agenda is promoted within the high minority areas of neighborhoods, towns and cities to at least 80% of all abortion facilities? Does the death of innocents ignored in the mainstream media enrage you? Has the Gosnell trial shown you what abortion ACTUALLY is and that he targeted scared, poor minority girls and women? Because if it has not then you are either Cecile Richards or the devil himself.

If this ‘sighting’ is true, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, is in Philadelphia on a train with some of the stalwarts of the prolife movement to attend the Kermitt Gosnell Trial along with other pro-abortion ghouls and life-minded prolifers. It is incredibly interesting to see the pro-aborts come out of the woodwork to defend a man and an agenda that murdered born children in his ‘clinic’ dubbed, and rightly so, A HOUSE OF HORRORS.

When the mainstream media finally picked up on the Gosnell trial, it went into defense mode to curtail any misgivings and black eyes this lunatic gave the abortion agenda. This is no surprise – since the 1973 decision to kill unborn children on demand and without apology has made LIFE a political issue and squarely set the Supreme Court in our homes, bedrooms, relationships and marriages making parenting our daughters nearly illegal.

“Gosnell does not represent the average abortion provider.” That is an oxymoron…Gosnell killed, Gosnell is an abortionist, and abortionists kill unborn and just born babies…and sometimes their mothers. Initially, Gosnell’s facility got raided for prescription drugs, not illegal abortions…I’d say there’s a disconnect there.

SIDE NOTE: Abortion ‘doctors’ are not the antiseptic white coat cladded smiling jack-o-lanterns that they have actors portray in their brochures and the mainstream media. Planned Parenthood is the worst for this, trying to soften the blow of baby killing with smooth talk and a smile. Abortion doctors ARE Kermitt Gosnell.

The rabid anti-choice crowd fails to mention the fact that those things [born baby killing] do not typically happen at Planned Parenthood or other reputable abortion facilities. They won’t let the facts get in the way of their typically hysterical propaganda.” Actually, who Gosnell is and what he did is just the tip of the abortion iceberg and it’s not about restrictive laws – it is to make a lot of money without the constraint of law. Gosnell did what he did to be a multi-millionaire, not a humanitarian. Further, Planned Parenthood practices EXACTLY what Gosnell did…putting the lives of women in danger daily and has made women unable to have children or women that die during an abortion.

OBSERVATION: ‘REPUTABLE ABORTION FACILITIES’? If there is such a thing, then why aren’t abortionists and their workers publishing their telephone numbers and addresses? Abortionists like Warren Hern has taxpayer paid federal protection….and they call abortion reputable?

Anna Breslaw, Cosmopolitan: “Anti-choice politicians who are now acting outraged about Gosnell need to realize that their legislature is primarily to blame for these tragedies.” If this is actually about LAW, then how was this facility NOT inspected by the state? I’d bet the farm that the nail salon that Anna goes to has been inspected at least once in the last year. The obvious bias that the abortion agenda is privileged to have is one bought and paid for by women exactly like her. Women like Anna Breslaw is why this tragedy happened and why abortion is legal in the first place….just like Helen Gurley Brown, her former editor-in-chief of Cosmo, she and women like them are responsible for a sexual revolution that has killed OVER 55 MILLION.

Today in Philadelphia, the abortion agenda, Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards is shamelessly wielding their propaganda axe in the face of a dead immigrant and several born babied killed after they had the audacity to be born alive….besides the other MILLIONS of unborn children killed and left on the road of Roe v. Wade.

Views from the deep part of the abortion pit, OR the roaches come out when Planned Parenthood is in danger of being defunded.

Ohio has resurrected some old business that didn’t get past lame duck because Sen. Neihaus scrapped it [a fine republican prolife move…?] that will tier, or prioritize money according to those that do not OFFER abortion services FIRST and can be appropriated to pregnancy centers and REAL health centers that have actual general practitioners and nurses:

“House leaders also used their overhauled bill to resurrect a proposal that would effectively strip federal dollars from Planned Parenthood and other stand-alone family-planning clinics. The proposal was shelved late last year by the Ohio Senate.”

ANYTHING that Rep. Nickie Antonio calls ‘absolutely deplorable’, I’m all over. “Women are a weird political football,” said Nickie Antonio (D) who is always trying to KICK THE FOOTBALL…ironic.

What I want to establish is what the money is for – health for poor uninsured and underinsured Ohioans – and where they want it to go. Now, I have said MANY times that women have other health issues that do not have one thing to do with the reproductive system such as cholesterol screenings, diabetes, and cancers other than reproductive. Interestingly, most people know that the SO-CALLED ‘war on women’ means abortion, not general health and well-being for the under or uninsured. As usual, women are still looked upon as a sex object, not a giver of LIFE thanks to Planned Parenthood and our current federal government.

HB No. 59 had some interesting testimony…here are the highlights!

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio’s Jaime Miracle bemoaned this is an ‘out of touch political agenda’. She continued her whining about how desperate and unhealthy crisis pregnancy centers are; how that money already goes to pregnancy centers through BMV ‘choose life’ plates which I have on my own vehicle:

“Today the Ohio House of Representatives released its amended state budget, Sub. H.B. 59. The revised budget reprioritizes the criteria for federal family planning dollars to defund Planned Parenthood and other family planning providers. A separate section of the revised budget would redirect federal TANF dollars to anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).”

Further, she demonized and demoralized real pregnancy centers that do not advocate killing unborn children AND does NOT teach our kids about sex, contraception, etc. NARAL’s Miracle also said that ‘they (?) won’t know how to prevent pregnancy without their [NARAL, Planned Parenthood, etc.] help.’ Why is it so hard to tell kids not to have sex or to communicate with their parents first? Incredibly, it’s NOT news that our children are being groomed to accept contraception and abortion agenda BEFORE they become an adult.

Denise Leipold, Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life, Northeast Ohio: I was in absolute AWE of this woman’s testimony. It was given in love and honor of the unborn while trying to make real the truth of what Planned Parenthood really is. I have to summarize her testimony because there was so much information that I couldn’t have possibly taken good notes. She did not let Antonio or any of her ‘boys’ try to take her down, not even a tiny bit. Someday, I want to shake this woman’s hand and tell her THANK YOU.

Public Children Services Assoc. of Ohio called ‘Planned Parenthood a valuable partner’ with regard to poverty stricken teens; pregnancy, STD’s, ‘medically accurate information’ about contraception….to teach children ‘accurate biology’. Mentioned ‘Reducing the Risk’ initiative [PREP] with Planned Parenthood BY Public Children Services; they also use other resources that advocate LGBT Youth and says they have no opinion on abortion. It is easy to see that these people have access to our kids especially if they are in the system as foster kids, Welfare/Medicaid, or in crisis.

Stephanie Kight, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio called Planned Parenthood an ‘expert in reproductive healthcare’, cancer screenings, and being non-judgmental; ‘reproductive healthcare [abortion], yes….but cancer screenings? It has been PROVEN that PP does not, CAN NOT determine or treat cancer. PREP [Personal Responsibility Education Program] is being lauded as essential by Ms. Kight. She also claims Planned Parenthood to be ‘partners’ with local health departments to work together for a strong healthcare safety net which is code for ‘there is strength in numbers’. She adamantly says that abortion services are not funded with the federal money they accept through Title X which has been proven to be ‘inaccurate’… Does one pocket know what the other pocket is doing or spending? Ms. Kight did admit to being competitive with other health organizations to get more federal and state money. In Ohio, there are 27 PP clinics, 3 are surgical abortion facilities. Rep. Ron Maag (R) asked, “Why not let other providers perform abortions so you can get the money?” Kight says abortion services are a ‘good work’…..for whom? FYI: Title X pays for administrative costs and other services by abortion providers….yes, that pocket knows what the other pocket is doing. Don’t believe the sleight of hand tactics of Planned Parenthood.

And this is always my personal favorite….Jewish women that want the opportunity to kill their Jewish unborn child; a private holocaust: Marian Harris, Co-President National Council of Jewish Women, Columbus section: Interestingly, she says Jewish women should have the religious freedom to have reproductive health care and access to abortion. Yes, religious freedom to kill their own unborn…figure that out. Jewish women make up about 1-2% of all abortions

A board member of Planned Parenthood says that PP builds ‘healthy communities’. And she’s pregnant. Again, explain to me how killing is healthy.

Tanja R., a private citizen: “I’m poor, underserved and uninsured.” OF COURSE she is a HUGE supporter of PP and takes her 13 year old daughter to PP to get birth control FOR MEDICAL REASONS. How does a 13 year old CHILD NEED MEGA DOSES OF HORMONES? And this was confusingsomehow PP is vital to her diabetic health AND grateful for PP’s stance on abortion that she continued with her pregnancy? I’m not sure I can follow that train of ‘thought’. BUT WOW. Nice way to teach your daughter.

OBSERVATION: It appeared that a bottle of Pepto exploded in the Committee Room…

Samira Deeb, an outreach worker: Immigrants needs Planned Parenthood because of fear of hospitals? SERIOUSLY? I had to have heard that wrong.

Jessica R., a private citizen supports Planned Parenthood 100% and said, “As a black woman, I don’t agree with the beginning of Planned Parenthood.” So, she is aware of the hideous roots of the abortion industry…eugenics to rid the world of ‘human weeds’.

John T. Coats II, ORTL Executive Director: Mentioned there are 130 local health districts in the state that provides screenings and family planning which are NOT Planned Parenthood or an abortion provider that the money can go to. Community Health Centers sees 500K clients; true primary health care – ACTUAL medical services, not PP. Encourages children, support working poor and elderly at little or no cost to the patient. PP does NOT provide complete medical care. He also commented that we need to move the money from the abortion industry back to actual health care providers. PP does not do mammograms EVER. Planned Parenthood’s net worth is over 1 BILLION. Tax payers contribute 1 MILLION per day to PP. Planned Parenthood does not exist in rural Ohio as PP testified earlier. 99% of pregnant women that go to PP get abortions, not prenatal care or adoption referrals. Women identify Planned Parenthood with abortion and do not offer free care as pregnancy centers do. NOTE: While I have never been a fan of ORTL because they do not back ALL PROLIFE LEGISLATION, I did like Mr. Coat’s fervor with his testimony. It was informational and dead-on correct.

Ashton Stubblefield, a private citizen and student: Does not recommend Planned Parenthood, especially to her friends. She also commented that Planned Parenthood does not offer actual healthcare along with prescribing medicines for things such and high cholesterol which is important to uninsured students and young people. I found her testimony to be a great big breath of fresh air! It’s so nice to see young people that get what Planned Parenthood and abortion really is. I think we’ll hear much more about her in the future.

Beth Vanderkooi, Executive Director GCRTL: Passing a law does not eradicate a behavior [re abortion]. She mentioned that abortion should be unthinkable and that society has fundamentally failed women. Women need ALL basic health services, not just reproductive healthcare. I’m glad she brought up the huge GRAPHIC [use your own imagination] ‘lady parts’ photo display that was endorsed by the University of Cincinnati; it was hideous and demoralized ALL women. Ms. Vanderkooi also says to give women a BETTER choice, a full range of health services, not just family planning services. Now this is where it got weird….why did Ramos ask Ms. Vanderkooi about public transportation? 

Karen Rainey, AAUW [American Association of University Women] of Ohio: The AAUW supports Planned Parenthood for cancer screening [nonexistent]. She also claims we are playing politics with women’s health. Worried about needy families in deep poverty? Incredible that women like this can wake up in the morning, look themselves in the mirror and really believe that they are doing a good work that actually hurts and kills: “Like it or not, abortion may be the best choice for her family,” she quips. Other testimonies from AAUW:

This always proves that we have MANY organizations and non-profits under the radar that support and testify for abortion rights. I’m still stymied at how few prolifers were there – I wasn’t aware of committee hearing testimony until I saw it on television.

To our legislators: We cannot change one thing if we don’t know about it. The communication between elected Representatives and Ohio citizens is nearly non-existent. How can we change that? What does the Statehouse have to do to make us part of the process? And if our State Representative is on these committees, why aren’t they giving us a head’s up on upcoming testimonies and debates? It’s too bad that most people think this is what we are paying our legislators to do FOR us instead of being part of the process as it was meant to be.

To summarize…Planned Parenthood was positioned there perfectly because certain Representatives gave them time to prepare for it and had pre-written ‘questions’ to ask PP to emphasize their allegiance to PP and its agenda. How much more prolifers could have done if we’d had the chance to circle the wagons like PP did. This has been eye-opening and sobering. HOWEVER we do have a Republican majority in the House and Senate so I am quite sure that this sideshow of Planned Parenthood was essentially ignored as rhetoric.

But be advised that much is going on in your Statehouse and you have a right to know and a right to be involved.

Emergency Contraception as BAIT?

[OXYMORON EXAMPLE: ‘LIBERAL LOGIC’] The ‘morning-after pill’ for little girls redefines the ‘Liberal Logic’ of the SO-CALLED ‘war on women’ to a hostile hand-to-hand combat for parental rights of our precious little daughters.

Some things the Left does is just plain stupid and laughable…but putting emergency contraception, the ‘morning after pill’, in the hands of children legally has to be the most ignorant, disturbing and harmful thing they have done since Roe v. Wade. I’m nearly speechless…nearly.

Our figure heads at-large have determined that children are grown up enough to buy and take a pill that will kill a developing unborn child – but expand your mind for just a second, because if you do you will GET that an underage child had sex and might be pregnant which is RAPE and ILLEGAL….for now. You have to look at the implication that statutory rape might not be so illegal soon. With a loophole as big as kids buying the morning-after pill, how much longer will it take to make sex with children legal?

SIDENOTE: Minors cannot smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, vote, gamble or go to war…but they can get abortions and Emergency Contraception (morning-after pill) without a parents knowledge or consent.

Which brings me to my LIES PROCHOICERS SAY QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ‘Teens who sought emergency contraception generally resorted to it because of a failure of condoms, the pediatric academy reported.’ Read the rest here. Seriously, ‘failure of condoms’??? Incredible.

I can go through all the moral and Christian implications (and I just may…) but the fact remains that children have been put up for sale by the government to every predator, pedophile, pimp and pervert to defile our young girls LEGALLY, not to mention the innumerable amount of unborn children that will die as a result of it. How can any one person wrap their mind around that? Will you, Mr. and Mrs. Public, take that kind of responsibility of our young girls? If you voted for Obama, you just did.

Then you also need to look at the religious liberty implications…considering that these pills kill unborn children is just another way for the Left to take away your ability to parent and teach your child Christian and moral responsibilities regarding their body, their choices and being accountable to parents and God. Too many people think that if the government says so, it’s so….and it is not…the tail is wagging the dog. Parents have the right to parent their children – FOR NOW – and parents should consider that there will be a day when that privilege can be taken away.

This so-called Liberal ‘War on Women’ is beyond what any of us would have thought possible. Our bodies have been a public nuisance and a public whipping post since the 60’s. We’ve been used by the media as sex objects with no morals or scruples for over 50 years. But now the Liberals are attacking our daughters AGAIN? Haven’t our daughters been indoctrinated enough with everything else the government and the media throws at them?

The Liberal Logic of ‘get a stick and kill it’ mentality is beyond evil. Since we are the child-bearers we are targeted for aborting our unborn girls to curtail what the masses consider to be MORE child-bearers that might subject our government for healthcare, food and shelter.

Our self-created ‘culture’ is dressing up our daughters for streetwalking; if you don’t think that’s true, go to your local mall and department stores and look at the short shorts, teeny skirts, half tops, strappy sandals and tiny bikinis….all in the kid’s section. And don’t get me started on the Junior’s section. And I’d bet the farm you don’t see that in the boy’s section.

The ‘war on women’ is a hostile take-over of parental rights of our precious little daughters and their rights as a parent, some day.

The Prolife Truth – March for Life, 2013

There is much that I have re-learned while watching the March for Life online [did not make it to DC L]. It was kind of like going to a GOOD church every week….I go to church to get edified to bring the Good Word and learn that there is much work to do until the Lord comes back. Yes, WORK. Being enlightened does not give anyone a free pass to observe. Yes, WORK. Prolifers work HARD to show justice to the unborn and give an account of what we do and are. As simple as being prolife is, it is made complicated by ‘others’.

Let’s start with the TRUTH. What is truth…the TRUTH is that the sky is blue. That is neither my view nor my opinion, just plain TRUTH. I am not trying to force an objective BELIEF on you or trying to show a TOLERANT interpretation of my statement. But the sky IS blue. TRUTH. Here are some of the TRUTHS that are worth re-mentioning from the March for Life:

1.  The unborn are underserved and under protected. During the last election, we were inundated with liberal infused agenda regarding the 47% that depends on government funds to eat, sleep, get iPhones, get healthcare, on and on and on. We, the 53%, pays for what others abuse as ‘needs’ and ironically we cannot pay for our own needs and are not destitute enough to soak up some of those nifty entitlements to compensate having paid for someone else’s. Somehow, their entitlements are far more important than saving lives of even their own unborn children. Our unborn are the underserved and they are under protected, but entitlements to the ‘47%’ overprotects and over serves them to dispose of their pregnancies. It is a fact that it is much more costly to save an unborn child than it is to abort them.

2. We are created equal, not born equal. God created each one of us before the world began (Jer 1:5). God created us in His image (Gen 1:27). God numbered every hair on your head (Mat 10:30). IN OTHER WORDS, no one is an accident, no one is a mistake; not one person is NOT known by God regardless of anything (go to first statement of TRUTH). HOWEVER, because of SIN, we are not born equal or at all. We were already morally compromised, shown prejudice, our fate decided within weeks of conception. Because of selfishness and bias, we have been made into a ‘thing’ and an ‘issue’ instead of the human that God made us to be. Are we equal? To God we are, but not to society or the government.

3. There are over 1 MILLION FROZEN EMBRYOS in the United States right now. Yes, that’s right…frozen unborn children awaiting their fate at this very moment. Many embryos don’t survive getting frozen, thawed and some won’t implant…IN OTHER WORDS many unborn children die because people try to jump start God and fertility. You have to wonder how many more unborn children we can add to the 4000+ per day aborted.

4. One-sixth of the population of the United States have been aborted these last 40 years that we know of. ONE-SIXTH OF THE POPULATION.

5. Sexual integrity instead of contraception and abortion is key. How many more times…how many other ways can it be explained that if a person stops and thinks instead of unzipping there would not be a need for contraception and abortion with young people and young adults? I mean, this ain’t rocket science…if you don’t have sex the likelihood of getting pregnant is ZERO….every time. Sexual irresponsibility leads to sexual sin….every time. SAVE SEX FOR MARRIAGE.

6. Women don’t need an excuse, they need the GOSPEL. For as simple as social and sexual integrity should be, if it is not taught it won’t be practiced. Then the question is who should teach this? Parents and Church. First, obviously parents need to be PARENTS to their children. But bit by bit the government is giving more rights to children (not the unborn ones) to emancipate themselves from parents and family to allow them to eat up as much Liberal Indoctrination as humanly possible. MAKE NO MISTAKE – the government is engineering soldiers out of your kids, starting in the public school…your minor daughter can get an abortion on school time with school approval without your consent; in fact she can cross state lines to do so. SECOND, if God and Church are not in your lives, you stand to lose your kids to the way of the world way faster than those that attend church, read their Bible and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Better kids make better adults that make better choices.

7. Justice. Recently in Boulder, CO., an elk named ‘Big Boy’ (named by the SUBDIVISION that it frequented) was shot and killed by two police officers. Now, let me give the facts again….in Boulder….ELK in a SUBDIVISION….well known in the sub….weighs about 1000 POUNDS….NAMED….was killed by the police. FIRST, an elk is roaming around in a subdivision that has children, dogs, cats with little regard. As I said, this is an elk; a wild animal with a huge rack on his head, is roaming a neighborhood as if it’s a stray dog. Most adult elks can weigh up to and over 1000 POUNDS….it can kill you. For whatever reason, the officers shot and killed this wild animal that was in people’s yards….yes, in their yards. Now, I don’t hate animals nor do I consider them a nuisance in their proper environment. But, I assure you that if I saw a thousand pound animal in my yard, I may shoot or call someone that can remove it. I have the right to fear for my safety. WHERE IS SHE GOING WITH THIS, you’re wondering….well in Boulder, CO., there is one of four late-term abortionists in the United States that still aborts unborn children up to full term – his name is Warren Hern. He was a bestie of George Tiller, another notorious late-term abortionist. Mr. Warren Hern is given FEDERAL MARSHALL SECURITY PROTECTION – guess who pays for that…yep, you and me. So, the police shoot and kill ‘Big Boy’ the elk and they lose their jobs…..Warren Hern murders late-term unborn children FOR A LIVING. Where is the justice? Where is the outcry? Where were the news stations? They were covering a dead elk. SUMMARY: I’d say that their definition of JUSTICE is a bit skewed.

Prolife efforts and ministries are not subsidized by the government like Planned Parenthood is. We are on the front lines, we preach and teach, we walk the WALK for the justice of just one unborn child usually at our own expense to our bank accounts, our jobs and relationships with our family. This is not easy, though it is not hard. If you are called you will suffer persecution, doubt and fear. But once you come to terms with the societal complacencies of unborn death by abortion, I promise that you will be encouraged, edified and enrapt with helping the handiwork of God – His Creation – to be born.

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: THEREFORE CHOOSE LIFE, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19