HEAPING Insult to Injury: Gloria Steinem? Really?

But add that to the money Obama pumped into Albuquerque to shut down the late-term abortion ban….seems a bit coincidental? Obama has a way of trying to completely insult everyone that isn’t a rabid liberal with his insidious and nonsensical decisions of who gets notoriety. Gloria Steinem has pimped out the abortion agenda for 40+ years. For that she gets a medal, probably made of recycled Obamacare applications.

Sixteen recipients accepted their shiny new scout badges for their liberal association with an agenda that seeks to wipe out GOD:

“President Barack Obama honored 16 prominent Americans Wednesday with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award the U.S. gives a civilian.” Read the rest here.

Gloria fancies herself as a feminist, a women’s rights leader – but rather she is a MONSTER that has thrown our young women under the bus for political gain. She has shown and taught our young women and girls to hate men, be sexually irresponsible, and use abortion for birth control for DECADES. She even managed to make the Playboy Club look like the Girl Scouts in “A Bunny’s Tale”.

To summarize: Gloria gets a medal for being the poster child for abortion while Albuquerque maintains it’s title of ‘Abortion Capital of the United States’. NICE. How the rest of the world must look at the U.S. and LAUGH.