Roe’s 49th Anniversary and the Narratives That Keeps it ALIVE, Part One and Two

“Prochoice” Comments of 2020 in Review

The far left perception of prolifers by the proabortion crowd is not just ignorance in action, but absolutely irrational and incomprehensible stupid proabort logic.

Prochoice does not describe the evil and hate in the hearts of women who advocate killing unborn people, even their own children. They are pro-abortion, all the time. So…let’s see some of the incoherent perceptions found on ‘prochoice’ Facebook pages in 2020!

  1. Prolife is anti-choice. Did you know it is literally impossible to be anti-choice?
  2. Prolifers are anti-abortion. That is TRUE. Or, it should be.
  3. Prolifers are anti-women. Interesting that prolifers offer real options to WOMEN at abortion mills.
  4. Prolifers are forced birthers. Abortion is literally FORCED BIRTH of a dead child.
  5. Prolifers are pro-fetus. Words matter and proaborts believe if you call the BABY something else, it will lessen the humanity of the child, thusly okay to kill or ignore.
  6. Prolifers are pro-death penalty. Some are, I am not. I do not believe it is ever okay to take a life for any reason.
  7. Proaborts say the unborn are political tools. For what? TO LIVE? Democrats are elected because of abortion. If abortion never was, Democrats would have a very hard time getting elected.
  8. Protecting the unborn protects patriarchy and the minority rule. That’s too stupid to comment on; nonsensical.
  9. Prolifers are only prolife to maintain a supply of babies and children to molest and abuse. Hard to comprehend that anyone would say something that nasty and false and gross out loud.
  10. Prolife is false appropriation. Proaborts LITERALLY has no idea what appropriation means.
  11. Proaborts believe Biden is more prolife than prolifers because he protects Roe v Wade. So a bill that has murdered 65+ MILLION unborn people is prolife. I don’t think they know what prolife means.
  12. Prolife is pro-choice. Choosing to kill your unborn child is not prolife, not ever, for any reason.
  13. Prolife is a tax burden. Really. But making taxpayers pay to kill your baby isn’t a tax burden. Had to uncross my eyes on that one.
  14. Prolifers are confused because they are not equal to men. First of all, we are all equal, but interesting perception right there. This proves some women believe they cannot be equal to men if they cannot abortion their children? What kind of puppet show is that???
  15. Prolifers are science deniers. Believing that life begins at conception NOT PERCEPTION is denying the science of when life begins?
  16. KKK is forcing poor women to be incubators for their race. Total face palm. Total.
  17. Prolifers hate the poor. In fact, most prolifers do help the poor, the marginalized, the displaced.
  18. Prolifers don’t care about the MILLIONS of children in foster care or orphanages. MANY of us have fostered, adopted, and financially help single moms. Some have BUILT HOMES for moms and their babies until they get on their feet.
  19. Prolifers are anti-mask. Why does this even matter? How is a mask prolife when it suffocates our constitutional freedoms? If you want to wear one, WEAR ONE. But I will not. So, to answer, about half of prolifers do wear masks where appropriate. But nice try trying to shame people who save lives rather than kill them.
  20. Prolifers are terrorists. Interesting…we aren’t the ones killing or advocating killing innocent unborn people. Your argument is invalid. And just plain stupid.

And the best stupid proabort comments goes to:

  1. “I’ll dedicate my next abortion to you.”
  2. “I’ll bring ya out a doggie bag.”
  3. “I got pregnant, had the fetus mail in it’s vote, then had an abortion.”

There you have it, the 2020 proabort circus in review.

No matter who gets elected, abortion mills will be open and killing with rainbow clad life shaming deathscorts. That being said, see you all on the sidewalk!

Bogus Arrest of Prolifer Going to Jury, Significant Monetary Damages Likely

LOVE IT when proaborts makes our lives easier. First, they try to silence us…NOPE. Second, they try to get us arrested exercising our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS on the public right-of-way….NOPE. Third, and my personal favorite, is when proaborts LIE OUT LOUD to the police and 911 operators…NOPE. You all just got found out, and it’ll cost ya.

“Unbeknownst to Thames, a Northland employee and the security guard called 9112016-11-10-13-53-40 and made a false claim that Thames was threatening to bomb the Northland facility………Based solely on the absurd and false accusation of the security guard, the police arrested Thames, who then spent 49 hours in the City jail until a detective finally released her after reading the report and concluding, “I do not see a direct threat where Kimberly threatened to bomb the clinic.”

The Judge’s ruling continued: “Based on this record, there is a genuine issue of material fact as to whether Officers Gatti and Sergeant Brooks arrested Thames for her prolife activity, and not because she made a ‘true threat’.  Significantly, Defendants failed to evacuate the abortion clinic or make any meaningful attempt to locate a bomb……Just as with Thames’ First Amendment retaliatory arrest claim, the law was clearly established that the police could not arrest a peaceful speaker engaged in protected speech on a public sidewalk…….Accordingly, the arresting officers are not entitled to qualified immunity on Thames’ equal protection claim.”

“The judge’s ruling is significant in at least two respects.  First, our client’s meritorious case is now heading to a jury, which will allow us to seek significant monetary damages for the pain and suffering these officers inflicted.  And second, the judge’s ruling establishes important legal precedent for future pro-life cases.  Too often these cases are dismissed because the court finds that the arresting officers are entitled to qualified immunity.  Here, to deny the officers this defense, the judge had to conclude that the officers are liable for violating clearly established rights of which a reasonable person would have known, which he did, thereby sending the case to a jury.” (American Freedom Law Center)

Read the rest here.

NOT #BREAKINGNEWS: Baby Killers Get a Pass in Ohio AGAIN & AGAIN

Judge Mary Wiseman, I’m about to out your proabort agenda. Get ready. I will be that burr under the saddle.

The Killing Place
The Killing Place

This so-called ‘judge’ is allowing Martin Haskell’s killing mill to stay open during the appeals process EVEN THOUGH no other ‘medical’ business is allowed to because they would be deemed ‘unsafe’ until everything is worked out. Read the rest here.


Hey Mary, did you know at Haskell’s ‘clinic’ a woman was brought into that death pit for an abortion while in the throes of heroin? AND was passed off to Miami Valley Hospital in an ambulance AFTER the abortion was over: “Wiseman found closing the facility during the appeal would harm clientele of the Stroop Road clinic.”

Hey Mary, did you know that Haskell’s kill mill hasn’t had a license to ‘operate’ IN YEARS???

Hey Mary, did you know that 60 unborn Ohioans will be aborted TODAY and now you have their blood on YOUR hands?

Hey Mary, did you know that Haskell is the pioneer of the Partial-Birth Abortion procedure: “She also said closing the clinic for the duration of the appeal would pose undue hardship on its owner, Dr. Martin Haskell.” Poor Mr. Haskell has made MILLIONS killing unborn babies, his assurance that he will be adversely wounded monetarily is just plain ridiculous.

So, Mary…how much did Haskell pay you? I mean, what stake do you have in keeping a known serial baby killer in business? Is THAT what you want on your resume?

So, dear Strickland appointed Judge Mary Wiseman, you are not a friend to women or their children. Stop lying to yourself and get your credibility back by doing what is RIGHT and DECENT.

I sure am glad I’m not an UNBORN Ohioan, I wouldn’t stand a chance with Judge Mary presiding. YOU are the real war on women.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.

Pass the #LIFE Preserver: Local Proaborts Lament #Ohio Child Abuse & Neglect Bill Passing

PROOF: Proaborts do not care about anyone other than themselves, not even child abuse and neglect victims. They only thing they support is their own ego and unnatural love for unborn child killing.

KEEPLIFELEGALInterestingly, when proabort Democrats and RINO’s do this, it’s to further the agenda for the ‘greater good’. But when true Conservatives add amendments to a good bill that needed to be better, suddenly it’s ‘sneaky’.  But that is the way of the one sided proabort saga.

Local proabort groups lament helping ALL victims of child abuse and neglect, which included unborn children facing the most heinous of abuse and neglect: ABORTION. How stupid do you have to be to NOT know abortion kills humans who are innocent of all crimes and cannot speak for themselves? Advocating speaks for those who cannot be heard, activism makes sure that happens. Proaborts spew their own agenda and has no intention or capability of being who they say anti-abortion activists are not: on the ground helping those already born. Rather, they go to bars and have drinking parties to pony up funds TO PAY FOR unborn child killing. If if that isn’t embarrassing enough, they show up at the Governors’s party with filthy signs as if that would sway an governor from signing a bill to protect ALL Ohioans. EvenBabiesKnow

To prove the blithering ignorance of most Ohio Democrats, Democratic Senator Charleta Tavares said OUT LOUD: “It bastardizes the child abuse and neglect bill because it is taking away the safety and security of children.” Again, only the safety and security of BORN children are important to them. This is disgusting, at the very least. Read the rest here.

And since yesterday, the local proabort groups have vocally demonstrated their hatred of child abuse and neglect victims simply because the State of Ohio wants to protect every one – born and unborn – even baby killing advocates. A so-called ‘religious’ group [Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice] said: “An affront to religious freedom and common compassion, Ohio senators vote to ban abortion as early as 5-6 weeks, knowingly sending women to the back alley and doing them grave harm. We condemn this reprehensible legislation and cry out into the wilderness for help. People of faith, make your voices heard!” It sure didn’t take long for these hypocrites to forget the entire bill which protects child abuse and neglect victims, so clearly this is an agenda fueled rampage 2016-09-27-11-29-03against who they only care about, the already born. Back to their point, they conveniently forget that not all of the people who are in the abortion decision is ever heard, nor is their ‘religious freedom’ and common compassion given a choice not to die for someone else. This is the epitome of hypocritical and hate toward an unprotected class of individuals that have no voice.

If Governor Kasich does not sign this bill [HB 493], then he puts ALL Ohioans at risk of child abuse and neglect. Kasich has painted himself into a corner he can never politically get out of again; he’s embarrassed himself and the State of Ohio so greatly that it took President-Elect Trump to sort this mess out and make our future what it should have been. Even Trump knows Kasich has turned a corner that the very best of RINO’s can’t squirm out of. Then, can Kasich ever save face enough before his term is over, and perhaps his entire political career? Will he make amends to prolife groups and advocates/activists when he promised YEARS AGO to sign ALL prolife legislation, particularly the Heartbeat Bill? So Mr. Kasich, do you protect ALL Ohioans or just the chosen born ones?

Governor Kasich, this is a time when you can finally do the ‘right’ thing: SIGN THE BILL.

Leave message ASAP asking Gov Kasich to sign the pro-life Heartbeat Bill into law: 614-466-3555.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.