#Pittsburgh PUBLIC SCHOOLS allow #PlannedParenthood to teach sex ed

FACT: Did you know that the National Education Associationthe largest labor union in the U.S. & HATES homeschooling, is in bed with Planned Parenthood, the Walmart of abortion? No? Then I would encourage you to google “NEA and Planned Parenthood” and to click here to see what they believe and who they give money to.

NOW you shouldn’t be so shocked by their ‘marriage’, but you should be INCENSED.

Parents absentmindedly send their children to schools full of women and men who are indoctrinating them with the Gay Agenda, Islam, all Liberal Agenda, reproductive freedom [for students],  keeping parents out of an abortion decision, EMILY’s List, NOW, etc.

A teacher in Lawrence County [PA] writes, “If my dues to the union at the local, state and national level do not fund political activities, then why is the NEA reporting that these activities are funded? If one follows the money, part of my pay funds abortions. As an adoptive parent, I should not be required to give one fraction of one cent towards abortion and will not be forced into doing so.” Read the rest here.

And now Pittsburgh PUBLIC SCHOOLS allows your kids to be indoctrinated with Planned Parenthood with their sex ed program. Click here to see PP sex ed; you will be shocked at what they teach CHILDREN…without apology, usurping a parent’s rights and decisions.

Two questions: Where are the parents AND there was only ONE no vote:

“The 6-1 vote came after board member Mark Brentley Sr. raised opposition, criticizing the history of Planned Parenthood, questioning what its role would be in the schools and saying it would put students at risk. Only Mr. Brentley voted in opposition. Members Terry Kennedy and Sherry Hazuda were absent.”

Oh, and there’s this: Taxpayers get to pay for it…not just Pittsburgh taxpayers, but YOU AND ME:

“Ms. Allen said Planned Parenthood is seeking a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the program. It is expected the organization will know whether it got the grant in July.”

In the video below, Judy Bruns tells her personal story of how NEA uses your parental rights to further the Liberal Agenda, fund abortion, the LGBT AND gave over 50 MILLION to Obama’s campaign:

A Tale of Liberal Indoctrination at the Common Public School

The Constitution…a document that is constantly in an amended state of mire instead of what it was intended for; based on Christian principles and on the distant memory of a failing government that has since been known as a place where radical Muslims are received as a ‘peaceful people’. Where were we weak as a nation and a free people? The Constitution was never meant to be a pacifier.

‘Free thinking’ is no longer FREE, I fear. A post on Facebook said:

“Congrats to those dependent on government, homosexuals, potheads, JAY-Z fans, non Christians, non taxpayers, illegals, communists, Muslims, planned murder clinics, enemies of America, Satan You WON!” Read the article here.

OBSERVATION: Teachers teaching the Constitution today is like an atheist teaching the Bible in Church.

While some people think this was a racist rant, I BEG TO DIFFER. It is racists that made the bigger deal out of it than it was. Although, I do find it interesting that the people who saw this post and made it ‘news’ are Obama supporters. It is interesting to note that the school where this teacher is employed has a large Muslim population. One of the comments of the above article said:

“While the teacher’s post may have offended some we still have free speech the last I checked and can choose whom we want to vote for in a presidential election. It’s funny no one has mentioned what my child saw at the city school he attends and that’s blatant bashing of any individual not supporting Obama or the democratic party by staff. I even noticed teachers wearing pins supporting Obama on Election Day. Teachers should be neutral regardless of their political views while in school with students present and if they wish to discuss political issues do so representing all sides not just the one the NEA supported to the tune of 60 million dollars.”

Which is another facet to this fiasco of the LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION we all pay for in public school – remember the mural on the high school wall of Obama on Election Day? Where was Reagan? Or even Lincoln? I know of a first-grader that came home from school and said the teacher is voting for Obama…A FIRST GRADER.

SIDENOTE: Teachers can tell your kids who to vote for and get away with it, but PRAY in school and your kid is sent home. Biased much?

The National Education Association spent multiple MILLIONS to get Obama elected and this Facebook commenter was apparently undeterred by them. Look into who they [NEA] appoint and what they support; Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, among others. See video below…it’ll make you think twice about what teachers are really teaching and supporting.

Do you realize that when you send your child to public school, you have given your parental rights to them until the final bell rings? You have little rights, if any at all, to complain or comment on what goes on during those hours: “…A survey last year of state and federal appellate court rulings found the vast majority of the court decisions refused to acknowledge traditional parental rights are fundamental rights.” Read the rest here.

SIDENOTE: Have you forgotten that your minor daughter can get an abortion during school hours without your consent? For that you can thank Planned Parenthood, ACLU and a Liberal government.

This teacher that was lambasted for their Facebook post is able to do so because of their First Amendment RIGHTS of the United States Constitution. You have the RIGHT to applaud it or denounce it…but the RIGHT to Free Speech is still the law of the land….for now.

If you are a parent of school-aged children, go to http://www.parentalrights.org/ to see what you can do for your parental rights in public school.

She chose LIFE!

There are times that I am just plain impressed by children. I think that most of us grown-ups don’t think kids can fathom life from death. This is a time I do not mine being WRONG:

Front of the shirt

From Foxnews.com:  A California mom says her public school administrators violated her daughter’s First Amendment rights when they ordered the seventh-grader to take off her pro-life T-shirt.

The complaint reads– “Upon arriving at the main office, Defendant Hernandez, intentionally and without Plaintiff’s consent, grabbed Plaintiff’s arm and forcibly escorted her toward Smith’s office, at all times maintaining a vice-like grip on Plaintiff’s arm. Hernandez only released Plaintiff’s arm after physically locating her in front of Smith and Defendant Rohrer….Smith and Rohrer ordered Plaintiff to remove her pro-life T-shirt and instructed Plaintiff to never wear her pro-life T-shirt at McSwain Elementary School ever again….Completely humiliated and held out for ridicule, Plaintiff complied with Defendants’ directives and removed her pro-life T-shirt, whereupon, Defendants seized and confiscated it. Defendants did not return Plaintiff’s property until the end of the school day.”

Back of the shirt
Back of the shirt

First Amendment attorney William Becker, who represents Amador, disagreed that the shirt could be seen as containing inappropriate messages. “The message of the T-shirt is that life is sacred,” he said. “One would be very hard pressed to find anything wrong with that particular idea, except that some people do object to the political message.”

There were no photos of unborn children torn apart by abortion…even though it is the truth when it comes to abortion. There was no ‘pride’ parade or demonstration or protest. It was a just a shirt. I’m sure that if it was a demon inspired Goth shirt or something depicting a gay lifestyle, all would be well. Remember, this was public school…check your Bible and your sensibilities at the door. The government owns you.

Where was the ACLU???