Super Tuesday is tomorrow and we will once again be asked to cast a vote for who will run our country. While I have seen much controversy regarding ‘principled’ third party voters, please don’t throw your vote away. The ‘third party vote’ is a great way of getting your message out, I AGREE, but it takes votes from a candidate that can defeat the foe that has taken our country and made it into a thing no longer recognized by our Founding Fathers.

The Democratic Party has done much to outdo itself this time. They redefined what a modern Democrat is to the chagrin of many life-long Democrats that are still shaking their heads in amazement. It’s as if they’ve been told to go to their room and think about the punishment they deserve. The DNC had successfully turned its back on prolife Democrats, particularly during convention time. They shunned any Democrat that was not pro-abortion (notice I did not say pro-choice)…this should not be a surprise; they did edit God out of the party platform. Read more about that here from my favorite Prolife Democrat.

A commenter on a story in the NYT that Thomas L. Friedman wrote, said: “This is the party that cares for the poor, but won’t call out the tragedy that roughly a third of women choose an abortion because of poverty and economic necessity. This is the party that wants to protect the handicapped and sick, but won’t acknowledge the horror that 90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted……The Democratic leadership sees the party as a post-partisan big tent, but rejected the inclusive voices of pro-life Democrats in the 2012 party platform and arrogantly dismisses the pro-life movement as a ‘war on women.’ This party of altruistic compassion somehow believes that another person has the ‘freedom’ to decide the dignity and fate of a vulnerable unborn child.” And another said: “There are laws protecting us against the illegal use of handguns. There are laws protecting us from pollution. Why are there no laws protecting unborn children from being killed through abortions?” Personally, I thought Friedman’s article was a pitiful attempt by the NYT to sway voters to Obama. Pitiful.

Now that I’ve made my point about how the Democratic Party is quietly killing their own, let me get back on point. This campaign should have made you, the VOTER, very aware of the real change that has happened in the last four years: OBAMA’S WAR ON AMERICA. Obama has done a heck of a job quietly allowing communist and socialist buddies of his to have opinions and interact with his presidency. He has more than successfully duped his core supporters and has gone for the middle class white married woman to expose and flex his natural ability to brainwash the ‘Oprah Mom’ and the ‘Walmart Mom’.

YES, ANYONE CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT: Have we forgotten about Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones??? Well Bill, I assure you I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN.

After all that hope and change, a WIDE variety of third-party candidates have made their way to the ballot. Now while I think some of them may have valid points and abilities, we cannot let them sway ONE VOTE away from taking our country back from the ‘current’ president. Interestingly, these third-partyers had great messages to lean us to the reality of how upside down our country is, BUT what is unfortunate is that most of them will probably never be heard because they are neither Democrat nor Republican. Ross Perot is a perfect example of how one person can effectively hand the presidency to a pro-abortion woman-chasing (and catching…) candidate, Bill AND Hillary FOR TWO TERMS, because Perot picked up nearly 19% of the vote in 1992. That 19% would have given HW Bush about 47%, with Clinton at 43%….scary, eh?

Again, PLEASE USE YOUR VOTE RESPONSIBLY. Our country made depend on it.

And the Perfect Opinion of Abortion goes to….

GOD. But I’ll get back to Him in a minute.

God gave us free will, which also includes opinions….and opinions are like *AHEM* elbows, just about everyone’s got one. When it comes to the abortion question, this is typically the answer: ‘Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one’. WOW…if that doesn’t pass the buck.

Lots of people, men and women, that approve of abortion have never had one nor intend to. So why the fight? Humans want to BE God, not be more Godly.

An article said, “Imagine if I said, ‘Don’t like slavery? Then don’t own a slave.’ Or, ‘Don’t like spousal abuse? Then don’t beat your wife’!” Read the rest HERE.

I have to admit that I thought the same way about abortion many years ago. It seemed a linear way of thinking but the reality is that it was a way NOT to think about it. Pass the buck.

Another article looks into how Jews feel about abortion in situations that suit them (Jews are only about 2% of abortions): “In situations where the mother’s health is at risk and the fetus (he explicitly said fetus) is not viable, Jewish law errs on the side of the mother’s health. I should have the operation and I should not bury the fetus – it is not a life.” I’ve always found it incredible that after the Holocaust Jews would NOT want to kill their own, especially through abortion or eugenic abortion. After all, it was through a eugenic plot that millions of Jews lost their lives – so how is abortion death different from Auschwitz? Both the unborn and the born Jews were innocent! But that is for another post. Read the rest HERE and another HERE.

The opinion of the rape/incest (would they not be the same?) ‘exception clause’ is flimsy and costs lives. The truth is that ‘prolife’ candidates use the loophole to secure the undecided and keeps the money pumping into Planned Parenthood and the like. Government as usual. However there are those rare exceptions who state unequivocally they are against ALL abortion, and thank God for them. Rarely do they see an elected office, unfortunately.

Interestingly, while watching a news show this morning, there were men in one group, and women in the other discussing the election. Men that voted for Obama in ’08 are not voting for him again over economy issues. However, women are STILL voting for Obama because of Obamacare and reproductive issues/health/priorities which of course equals abortion. Seems that men are thinking with their BRAIN and women with??? Isn’t that a paradox…

Okay, this is what we have ascertained thus far: 1) Most Americans are passing the buck on abortion, 2) Jewish women need to protect their unborn in all circumstances, 3) The ‘exception clause’ is a copout, 3) Men think with their brain – women with their reproductive parts, 4) The Government is still the government no matter who is in office, 5) God has been taken out of the equation.

Understanding that this is all truly temporal, we Christians need to understand the One who: 1) ordains Life, 2) gives Life, 3) opens the womb and closes the womb, 4) numbers the hair on our head, 5) made us in His image, 6) provides for our needs, 7) and loves us in spite of ourselves with mercy and Grace.

This election means MUCH but GOD is in control, not us. The Bible says, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.” God will have His way:

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.*”

*Revelation 21:4

I AM A FORMER UNBORN CHILD speech at the Stand UP for Religious Freedom Rally 10/20/12

A Note to the Lofty Prolife Voter

Your vote counts – so the Prolife voter is caught between a rock and a hard place because the RNC candidate is not prolife enough for ya? Not so fast…

My husband and I have been pretty beaten up by Prolifers that have judged us to not be as Prolife as them in regard to the election in November. That was their first mistake, judging how Prolife we are. Their second mistake is to assume we are too stupid to know the difference between Prolifers and heretics. These Lofty Prolifers gave me a black eye for testifying for the Heartbeat Bill saying the bill won’t protect every unborn child, which is partially true; about 95% of unborn children would be saved from abortion. Go here to read up on Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill.

Even though I think that incremental law is a chicken way of toppling Roe, it is necessary to take these tiny steps to get to the doors of the Supreme Court. Personhood law in itself is not perfect because there were also deviations regarding contraception and IVF, which is part of the reason why it failed. The failure is on the part of the voter being too narrow focused on themselves instead of being broad-thinking enough to see that it would have saved lives. Voters won’t set aside their own agenda and ego enough to see the greater good. Now, that being said….

  1. We are quite aware that the RNC candidate is not secured in being completely Prolife.
  2. We are quite aware that the RNC candidate is a Mormon.
  3. We are quite aware that Catholics, Christians and Prolifers are causing division within the party because of their hardened heart and bloated ego.

In fact, one particular Lofty Prolifer not only accused us of not being prolife but had the unmitigated nerve to say that we are not Christians because of it. Now, just to let you know, we are not the only ones that this person has attacked. This Prolife attacker is not the only one; there are many, which is why I am addressing this issue. A lot of Prolifers are being criticized and shunned for choosing the RNC candidate. Anyway, let me answer this person’s issues:

  • We are not electing a Pastor or Priest. Voting Americans had this same issue when JFK was up for election saying he would take direction from the Vatican. And we all know just how ‘holy’ JFK was.
  • RNC candidate not Prolife enough? I agree. Neither was McCain in ’08; in fact he was entirely too wishy-washy moderate and proved that cannot get him elected.
  • This election is not about proving yourself more Prolife than other Prolifers by NOT voting for the RNC candidate as principle; it is about a faulty economy, forced healthcare and our national security (for starters) as well. Truly, people can’t be that inept…I thought. Any vote that goes to anyone else BUT the RNC candidate goes right into the hand of Obama.
  • NEVER judge a person’s salvation to prove your point: ‘Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.’ Matthew 7:1-2.

Anyway, all this being said, we have been given a hand that is not perfect….it’s not terrible, just not perfect. Remember this one fact when considering a candidate:

Barack Hussein Obama allowed about 6 million unborn children to die at the hands of abortionists while in office. Now, that does not count how many other MILLIONS are dead worldwide because Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy. Because of his mandates and being in bed with Planned Parenthood, if elected again, you can add at least another 6+ million dead in the United States alone.

Your vote counts and may help save the lives of millions or murder them. Math does not lie.


Nausea Ad Litem from the Holy Moly Left

Ah, the Holy Moly Left pukes up whatever junk it can about Paul Ryan. I suppose that being squeaky clean is just not…smarmy enough for them.

Like I’m surprised…but let me give you Liberal-hugging nausea ad litems a thought: More often than not, women accept the role of Liberal because they are conditioned and groomed to, all because of the abortion issue. Abortion seems to bring out the worst in everyone instead of ‘getting’ that every day at least 4000 lives hang in the balance because of an superimposed right to do something a man cannot do…kill an unborn child.

Statistics say that nearly 1/3 of women are post abortive. Typically at least 65%+ of them are coerced because of friends, boyfriends, husbands, parents, etc. That being said, after such an act of so-called martyrdom to right a flaying ship of bad choices, women think that having this right to abort to be a convenience that they wish to hold onto if they regretfully find themselves in the same OMG moment of being pregnant again. You know, the right to abort, just in case. And then they drag their daughters into the same sick mindset, another generation of Liberal-hugging nausea ad litems.

Anyway, let me get back to my Liberal-hugging nausea ad litem thought. Consider this: A post-abortive woman voting for Obama is voting for the murderer of her unborn child. Obama has been clear that he is in bed with Planned Parenthood because of abortion, not because PP is a ‘health center’.

Voting for Obama violates the post abortive woman and murdered child which is no different than a person that was raped as a child to vote in a pedophile.

You wouldn’t vote for a pedophile? But you voted in a murderer of MILLIONS since 2008.