Eugenics & Down Syndrome

Or, Monsters are under the bed.

Psalm 139:13 says, (v13) ‘For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. (v14) I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.’ –ESV-

What kind of monster would kill a child – only because that baby has Down Syndrome? So what difference would it make if that child is not yet born? Ask the mothers of the 9 out of 10 babies aborted because the unborn child has Down Syndrome.

The Mayo Clinic says ‘Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes lifelong mental retardation, developmental delays and other problems. Down syndrome varies in severity, so developmental problems range from moderate to serious.’ But does that justify murdering unborn infants with a disability? If you walked down the street and saw a person with Down Syndrome, are you compelled to kill him/her because they aren’t ‘perfect’? Of course not, you’d say. But 9 out of 10 babies (as high as 92%) diagnosed with Down Syndrome will be aborted because they are not ‘perfect’.

Eugenics is a science that deals with the improvement -as by control of human mating- of hereditary qualities of a race or breed (Merriam Webster Dictionary). There is a holocaust of Down Syndrome babies because of the world’s view of perfection.

“To abort a fetus with one of these disabilities, intending to have another child who will not be disabled, is to treat fetuses as interchangeable or replaceable,” said Peter Singer, a professor of Bioethics at Princeton University.

“It has become routine to offer pregnant women, especially those over 35 prenatal screening for Down’s Syndrome. Such testing, however, does not give a certain diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, but only a percentage possibility. Nevertheless, the abortion rate with even an uncertain pre-natal Down’s Syndrome diagnosis is extremely high, with some studies showing as many as 90% of children aborted,” wrote Brian Skotko of the National Down’s Syndrome Congress (2005). Read the entire article here.

Sarah Palin spoke at the Ohio Right to Life Society fundraiser in Columbus on Friday (3/5/10) saying that her anti-abortion commitment was tested during her pregnancy with her youngest son, who has Down syndrome. But why didn’t Sarah abort? Because she knows the truth about LIFE through the Word of God. God made Trig perfect in His eyes, not the world’s.

Abortion is heinous enough; but to kill a child that’s not perfect enough?

Jeremiah 17:9-10 says, (v9) ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? (v10) “I the LORD search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.”’ –ESV-

We are not on this Earth for the profit and pleasure of others. He knew us before we were ever formed in the womb (Jer 1:5) and has a ministry for each and every one of us…not just the ‘perfect’ ones.

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Could be our new best friend!

Personally, I like Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. I recently heard her on the Matt Friedeman show on AFR Radio regarding many things but mostly the new ObamaScare Plan HR3200 on the table. She has no problem protecting human life in all shapes, sizes, ages and gestation. Nancy Pelosi is quite open about seeing to Rep. Bachmann’s political demise. Sean Hannity calls her the ‘second most hated Republican woman’; Keith Olbermann has named her to his ‘World’s Worst’ list. I really like this woman. She’s nearly as conservative as I am…

“I’m not afraid to be a social or fiscal conservative, and that doesn’t fit their template,” she told WND. “Democrats see women as yet one more dependency group, but I defy that. I don’t need government programs to succeed. I worked my way through college, my husband and I started our own business, and we didn’t need the government to be the answer. –World Net Daily-

Okay, that being said, there is always someone that has an opinion of something they know nothing about….women (girls, really) that have had limited life experience but have a computer. Disturbing, eh? The reason why the ‘Kate Hardings’ of the world detest her is because Rep. Bachmann not only tells it like it REALLY is but points at those that do not. Women like Ms. Harding are foul-mouthed and anti-life but definitely pro-MEMEMEMEME. Women like her have not had to make real, big girl decisions or live like a grown up. But don’t take my word for it! Read for yourself

Of course, it’s not like we should expect logical consistency from the likes of Michelle Bachmann by now — but then, that’s kind of the point. We already know that people who rail against big government but support anti-abortion legislation (to say nothing of privacy violations and fiscal recklessness out the wazoo, as long as it all comes from a Republican administration) are not using earth logic.–Kate Harding of Broadsheet-

What Rep. Bachmann said about her body is true…it is hers and the government has no right to control healthcare decisions for her or ANYONE. Here’s your great big BUT…Kate, and all those like you (life haters) – when a woman’s body contains another person that has a separate central nervous system, heart and brain, then that woman cannot make a detrimental decision for that other human being regardless if it is in her body or standing right next to her.

But here’s your CHOICE: if the woman did not have sex or unprotected sex, this would not be an issue, now would it? So because of that woman’s LAZINESS regarding her CHOICES she is now with child and needs to accept the fact that she will become a mother instead of a murderer.

I still marvel at why women like Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are hated by other women…it’s like this: blacks supported Obama regardless of his own stupidity and bad policies but women won’t support Republican women in politics…wonder why? Easy. It’s not near as cool to support a white Republican woman as it is to support a black Democrat for president.

News you can lose

The clowns are running the circus! ‘Sen.-elect Al Franken’s first day on Capitol Hill was Not A Circus, and the soon-to-be junior senator from Minnesota was Not Funny At All,’ says POLITICO.  Noooooo…take it from me…I watched SNL faithfully back in the day and he was never funny. And this fiasco? Well, if Obama can become president and Franken can be elected senator, what’s keeping Brittany Spears from being Governor?GC-Fast-and-Pray

And then there’s Jacko…how is it this ‘man’ that was black had white children? Because that’s what he WANTED. He had children made to suit HIM. How ashamed do you have to be? First, all of the surgeries on his face, pretending to be married to Lisa Presley (prominent white woman), and then has these kids that are blond and white skinned? Has everyone forgotten that he assaulted little children and paid off their families? Incredibly, this person is still lauded even in death by his peers, so much so that there are tickets to his funeral. Sick, just plain sick. Bill O’Reilly said it best last night, “Black Americans are much more engaged in watching this stuff than white Americans, even though Michael Jackson has white children — and he chose to have white children — and the face deal, don’t even want to get into… So what’s that racial thing all about?”

I swear, I will come out swinging…How much longer does Sarah Palin, and the rest of us, have to listen to bored Liberals? I’m getting very weary on how everyone likes to bash a woman that is true blue and professes Christ. What has she done wrong? Well for starters, she’s been happily married for many years to the same man. She has children, including a special needs child that most women would have aborted. She has a career that most men can never have. She is a born-again believer and doesn’t mind telling you so. She is a Republican that believes in the Constitution. So what has she done to deserve this? Nothing. Persecution is something Christians and Republicans have to deal with and overcome. YOU WON!!! She resigned! And you’re still complaining??? Are you Liberals ever happy?

Your sin will always find you out…’Steve McNair’s longtime agent said he didn’t know about the former quarterback’s relationship with Saleh Kazemi until news broke of the deaths,’ says the AP. Neither did his WIFE AND CHILDREN. But, what a great football player he was! And he supported tons of charities! And he’s a lying skirt-chaser that was co-renting a condo for his trysts right under his wife’s nose! WHAT A GUY!

This is a day that many will die to suit the desires of their would-have-been parents. Don’t let life get bad enough to take a life that depends on YOU.

Steele on the DHS report & Pro-life supporters in Evansville

From – Steele Blasts ‘Right-Wing Extremist’ Label, an interview with Sean Hannity & Michale Steele, RNC Chair:

HANNITY: Well, what do you make of the Department of Homeland Security and man-caused disasters of Janet Napolitano. What do you make of this? What do you make of…

STEELE: This is the height of insult here. I’m sorry, Sean. I just want to jump on this so badly because this is so — talk about arrogance. Talk about insult. I mean to segment out Americans who dissent from this administration, to segment out conservatives in this country who have a different philosophy or view from this administration, and labeling them as terrorists and then to call into question the service of the men and women who are right now standing on that wall defending our freedom and linking them to terrorism while you refuse to call the terrorists — the real terrorists — terrorists, to me it’s the height of insult, and you know, you know, the president and Napolitano, with these half-hearted apologies, to American citizens versus these full throated apologies to the rest of the world, to me is embarrassing.

HANNITY: Well, the Wall Street Journal reports that the FBI has been investigating these veterans, and if all ironies here, if you believe we should obey the laws on immigration, if you believe that you can — the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, if you’re pro- life, you know, you’re viewed as a potential extremist, but you can start your career in the home of an unrepentant terrorist and hang out with Jeremiah Wright and I don’t want to beat an old horse here, but I’m telling you, if anybody hung out with radicals that need to be investigated by Homeland Security, are they keeping an eye on Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers because that’s who I’d be keeping an eye on?

STEELE: Well and of course they’re not, Sean, of course not. But, you know, they’ve got their eye on the 3,000 Americans who assembled in Indiana last night, in Evansville, Indiana, to profess their continued effort to save the life of the unborn. Sarah Palin and myself and 3,000 other Americans who were concerned about the life issue were gathered there, and I’m sure there was somebody in the room with a notepad and a camera taking snapshots and writing down names.

But that’s not the place our government needs to be. Where our government needs to be is on that border securing the border. Where our government needs to be is overseas and in the back halls and rooms of the Middle East to make sure that we’re not suffering another terrorist attack here at home.

HANNITY: And how about we stop investigating our veterans? How about we leave them alone? How about we appreciate them for their service and not talk about them paying for their own health care for their service- related injuries? That would be a nice start.

STEELE: Absolutely. That would be a nice start.

It’s tough being a prophet in your own home town.

Matthew 13:57 says: ‘…But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.’

How true, Mrs. Palin. It’s hard to be a Prophet in ones’ hometown. I’m with ya.

‘The Anchorage Daily News says:  The Legislature dealt another blow to Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday when a bill requiring girls under 17 to tell their parents they’re about to have an abortion failed to move from committee, effectively ending its chance of passage this year.

‘Those who testified against the bill on Friday said many teens come from unhealthy families and could self-induce an abortion or even take their own lives if the only way to get an abortion was to face their parents. A teen would need to go before a judge if she wanted to avoid telling a parent, and those against the bill said that’s not realistic for vulnerable teenagers, or those in remote areas.’

I am so tired of that rhetoric – it’s nothing but urban legend….read on:

‘Controversies surrounding the bill include its requirement a teen must wait 48 hours after telling a parent before having the abortion, and the fact it forbids coercing a minor to have an abortion but is silent on forcing a minor to have a baby.’

How did they get ‘forcing a minor to have a baby’?  Let me help you with something, KIDS, when you have pre-marital sex, you take the chance of getting pregnant. So, if you’re so grown-up to have sex, you should be grown up enough to have your child and not skip out on the responsibility. And, I really don’t care about your excuses…

I’m almost sorry about the rant. Anyway, to continue…

‘Senate Majority Leader Johnny Ellis, an Anchorage Democrat, said the senators have worked during this 90-day session on budgets and the federal economic stimulus package. Abortion is a contentious issue in the majority, which is a coalition including both Republicans and Democrats…..”There was no appetite to tear ourselves apart over that issue,” Ellis said.’

I guess money talks. For now, the lives of unborn Alaskan children hang in the balance until they HAVE TIME.