Is Ohio Getting in the #DeathPanel business?

The short answer is YES. And so is the long answer from a so-called prolife State Senator:

“The bill, sponsored by Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, would create the Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), giving instruction on whether a patient wants to be hospitalized, resuscitated or given comfort care.” ~ Columbus Dispatch

But the real answer is this:Starting Jan. 1 the federal government will pay doctors who speak with Medicare patients about end-of-life care. The recent announcement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services impacts about 50 million beneficiaries of the government’s health-care program for the elderly and disabled.” ~ Columbus Dispatch

And, interestingly: “The decision has not had the backlash as a similar proposal included in President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul several years ago. It was subsequently stripped from the Affordable Care Act after complaints it would create ‘death panels‘.” ~ Columbus Dispatch

Click here to see Cincinnati Right to Life’s information regarding the Death Panel Bill. Too much to post, here but well worth the read.

State Senator Peggy Lehner has once again shown that she is not prolife and can’t be trusted. She said this bill is not about assisted suicide, much like how medical marijuana doesn’t open the door to recreational weed? This bill swings the door out widely for death panels. Lehner lies. She recently said that ‘Planned Parenthood does some good‘ while calling herself a prolifer, see the video below and go here [at minute 146]. LIES. Over and over again she proves she has an agenda to keep her job rather than doing what she was elected to do: PROTECT ALL LIFE. Lehner made a nice showing at the Martin Haskell hearing last week, I suppose her stern, apathetic look toward a deliberate criminal would look ‘prolife’,? REALLY?

Peggy, we are watching.

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Ohio’s Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Heard by Senate Today

Clearly this bill is part of a larger problem here in Ohio; it’s the perception that just because the baby isn’t born yet, the baby feels no pain during an abortion. But is it the proabort’s perception that it just doesn’t matter if babies feel pain? Yes.

Senate Bill 127 is a companion to House Bill 117, to protect unborn children at 20 weeks and developed a ‘complication’ into the pregnancy. House Bill 135 protects babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome targeted for abortion. Unborn Down Syndrome diagnosed babies are aborted 92% of the time; that means for every child or adult you see or know of with Down Syndrome, nine others were aborted.

Today, NARAL ProChoice Ohio boasted going to one of the Senate committee meetings today [SB127], the one that debates killing an unborn child because he/she had the audacity to be ill, infirm or have congenital issues. It would seem that NARAL would rather pick on the sick kids, you know…because it protects women’s rights. You read that right. Killing unborn sick babies strengthens women.

“Sen Peggy Lehner responded to criticism from Planned Parenthood and abortion rights advocates today by testifying that fetal surgeries typically use regular anesthetics, implying that doctors are aware the fetus can feel pain.” Read the rest here.

Stephanie Kight of Planned Parenthood actually said out loud that this bill is ‘extreme and unnecessary’, an ‘attack’ on women in Ohio – while their late term babies are tortured and disarticulated. The red biohazard tubs are their final resting place, on their way to an incinerator like common trash.

With a Republican majority in the Ohio House and Senate, these bills should go through easily. The State of Ohio should be a place safe for all babies, born and unborn.

Three tubs of aborted babies.
Three tubs of aborted babies.