Protesting Media Protests with…Protests.

So considering for a long time about all of the protests, you know, ALL OF THEM, it occurred to us that there is one thing they ALL have in common: LIVE TELEVISION COVERAGE. And that’s besides news stories, fake news, social media, etc.

KEEPLIFELEGALBUT – there is one exception to the rule of live protests, there is just one ongoing protest, for DECADES, that is unnoticed and never newsworthy: Real activism on the public sidewalk at abortion mills to save lives.

TRUE STORY!!! Right now there are hundreds of protests going on in front of abortion facilities protesting the murder of unborn children. Not one football player takes a knee for the unborn, likely because they are post-abortive AND there won’t be any television or social media presence to note the event.

In Ohio, 57 babies will die TODAY from abortion. No media, no celebs – just Christ-minded prolifers who will never get a media high-five.

However, if we want the football knee crap to stop, we suggest they stop televising the sideshow, because obviously that worked for sidewalk activism.


The Saturday Morning Peanut Gallery of the Blogosphere

I guess anyone can have a blog. I guess anyone with a miniscule imagination can express their opinions in formatted internet based ‘social’ media. And I guess anyone that is the most disgusting gets the most attention. And it would be my best guess that these socially impoverished souls know nothing about real communication and polite society. After all, the internet gives you a cool mask to wear and somewhat of a cloaking device to secure your anonymity so you can run naked with scissors on the web.

Can we trust anyone to do the right thing?

We have all been ‘trolled’. They love to debate what is not debatable and cause grief for grief’s sake. Yes, I am somewhat amused by it.

You see, Saturday mornings are the when posters of such blogs and other social media comes ALIVE – I would think because that’s when ‘they’ have time to sit down and consider who they will persecute and publically dismember for their own satisfaction. There are times that I find it amusing but sometimes it’s a great way to take the temperature of what bored mindless socially offended bunch of theoretical dogmatists communicate in the wake of one of the biggest elections of our time. And it should chill you to the bone.

One blog tells how abortion mill ‘escorts’ (pro-aborts) try to outsmart ‘protesters’ (prolifers). In fact these ‘escorts’ are so savvy that they pick on pre-abortive immigrants that can barely speak English. NICE.

Another spoke of praying for abortion and reproductive freedom in this next election.

And yet others take the truth out of context and repost it to lampoon it…because they can. How…adolescent.

Who do we trust to do and say the right thing?

Churches can’t express their opinion about candidates without violating their tax-exempt status but all other charities that enjoy that same tax-exempt freedom can tell you who to vote for. Isn’t that…interesting and insulting and disturbing.

Fake ‘ministries’ (see below) and charities are coordinating right this minute to keep abortion legal and to hand over America to Islam and the LGBT community, overriding our Constitution to do it. The Liberal media slurps this junk up like candy while Conservatives have to get REAL NEWS from nearly underground web services and sources. What was all this separatist revolutionary thinking and laws for if America was going to turn around to what we left England for? What was the point?

Sidebar: Can anyone tell me why a lesbian trying to look like a man and live like a man thinks they have an opinion on MY RIGHTS AS A WOMAN when they choose not to be one? Yet another example of who the media will seek out to rebuke and rebuff anything Conservative and good, see that here. How dare they tell me how to live like a WOMAN.

Back to my point – or maybe to confirm my point…

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, radio, television and other social outlets are dominating our ability to fish out the truth. It’s all so slight-of-hand and dirty. We who uphold our Constitution are being smoked out as racists, radicals and liars. So, it’s not your imagination…these people seek your money, your soul and wants God dead.

Are we Constitutionists? Abolitionists? Separatists? Rebels? Because I thought being an American questioned what the government does to keep them FOR the people.

[Yes, I said fake ministries…because there is not a God-called ministry that would ever consider abortion, Islam, homosexuality, idol worship or any other abomination (Romans 1; the entire chapter) to be of God. You know who you are.]