Is the Government Banning the American Flag?

First, I love that this crafter does this for the comfort others. God Bless her and others who give up valuable time and space to do things for people who can’t ask for them. The comfort handmade items bring is immeasurable.  Second, this is about the hospice [and countless others] who forced their opinions on people and patients who weren’t asked. 

A *crafter who makes afghans for a hospice in/near Philadelphia said:

The hospice program at one of my local hospitals collects afghans to give to their patients. Unlike any other program around here, they give you the yarn to use. The last time I made one of these the colors were blue, red and white. Even though we were told not to make anything that looked like the American flag, it felt very flag-like to me.

So, even in the last stages of life we are cloistered from our fought-for flag because it may be an OFFENSE? What else is kept away from patients without their knowledge? And I have to wonder if this demand is from the government? Of course it is. Only our own government would shun our own flag because it may offend one person.

Our flag is considered propaganda in one of the founding cities that made America AMERICA. Then, when we consider our last wishes, do we know WHO is ‘allowing’ our last wishes or basic freedoms? Has patriotism become offending?

We have to wonder what else government subsidized hospices and hospitals are banning from unsuspecting patients.

Mama Kat's HouseI am a crocheter. I make items for unplanned babies who don’t have a ‘grandma’ to makes things for them, we call it #FillTheBooties Campaign. I have never said to anyone that I would only make certain items or use certain colors because it might be an offense to us or to whoever donated the yarn. The idiocy of this request from a hospice is an offense to our nation, to our troops, and to the countless folks who are in hospice that helped make our country great from their personal sacrifice to keep Americans safe.

When your sacrifice for our nation has become an offense, then we have a socialist propaganda problem spearheaded by a so-called president that gives entitlement privileges to refugees. Remember, the shooting in San Bernadino was from ‘vetted’ muslims that hated America….just like the 9/11 disaster.KEEPLIFELEGAL

Fly Old Glory proudly. And never shrink back from anyone who makes this an offense. This is still America, although we have to wonder if it’s in the last stages, too.

*Let me Disclaim: We are always thankful that people use their talents and hobbies for the comfort of others without payment or accolades. I do the same. Thank you to all who use their valuable time and talents for others. Handmade items are made just one stitch at a time, with the love the of the crafter in each one. 

Mama Kat's House

The BIG FAT LIE of Social Justice

Social justice is the ability people have to realize their potential in the society where they live [Wikipedia]. Really?

BUT WAIT! There’s more! 

“Social justice is the complete economic equality of all members of society. While this may sound like a lofty objective, what it really means is that wealth should be collected by the government and evenly distributed to everyone. In short, social justice is communism. It is rooted in the Marxist idea that the money people make and the property they own do not rightfully belong to the people who make the money and own the property.” [Read more here]

But what Democrats don’t tell you is that social justice is conditional. In other words, white Christians are exempt. Unborn babies are exempt. People making more than minimum wage are exempt. Republicans are exempt. Anyone that watches Fox News is exempt. People with a bank account are exempt.

However, as an ‘exemption’, we get to pay for it. Isn’t that…tolerant.

The term ‘social justice’ sounds so…nice. But the truth is that it’s ugly and racially motivated. If you are white AND a Christian, you are targeted for removal, not ‘to realize your potential in the society where you live’.

EX-governor Ted Strickland of Ohio posted: “I just received some exciting news! Our Friend and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley been nominated for the EMILY’s List Rising Star Award – an honor for exceptional leaders who are serving in state or local office. She needs your help to win! CLICK HERE to vote for Nan Whaley as EMILY’s List’s next Rising Star!”

In response: “Dear Mr. Strickland, your ‘choice’ to applaud a parasitical mimicker of so-called ‘social justice’ does not quite understand what social justice actually is OR you and Miss Whaley would see that the UNDERSERVED unborn children in the womb are being EXTERMINATED. MIss Whaley is a mass proponent of an agenda of abortion death which is [in case you have forgotten basic biology] MURDERS UNBORN CHILDREN. That, my dear Mr. Strickland, is reprehensible. You do not represent me – you have personally allowed 26,000 Ohioans to be aborted last year alone. And when the great state of Ohio finally meets its resting place along side Michigan and Illinois, we will give you the applause you so deserve for allowing our state to go into apocalyptic wasteland.”

In Ohio, we have the social justice dream team of Fitzgerald/Neuhart on the 2014 democratic gubernatorial ticket. Truly, if every planet in the Milky Way aligned and all the birds sang at once and they got elected, not one unborn baby will be protected within the womb. NOT ONE.

To summarize: The unborn American has a 25% chance of being aborted because social justice is for the pregnant woman first. The father of the unborn child has as much input as the baby: NONE. How is that justice?

Prolifers are…BATMAN?

The Prolife Caped Crusader wants to stop our unborn children from becoming medical waste in big red tubs.
The Prolife Caped Crusader wants to stop our unborn children from becoming medical waste in big red tubs.

That’s right…Batman. And that will just ruin my husband’s day but you have to know my husband to know just how funny that is.

THE QUERY: Prolife sidewalk counselors are [is?] BATMAN?

YES: Regarding sidewalk counseling at abortion facilities, a fellow blogger said, “Call cops if you see something suspicious, go to court as witness if you witnessed something. You don’t  have to right the wrong yourself  , you’re not Batman or something.” 


Yet another non-American that enjoys his own right to life – because he was BORN – has an opinion about abortion and sidewalk counselors. The country in which he lives had very little regard for life or death, in fact I know a Pastor from that country [no location to protect his identity] and he has reflected pretty much what this fellow blogger said, that abortion was a not necessarily a right but a law forced upon people for population control during a communist regime; about 3 abortions for every live birth. Of course, since then the regard for unborn life is somewhat tolerated. Abortion desensitizes everyone.


Ever notice that population control is used by communist and socialist controlled regimes? Don’t look bewildered….it’s been happening for YEARS and reared its evil head legally here in the U.S. in 1973. And our Socialist in Chief is making sure that his population control scheme stays in place by allowing abortion to be birth control and making tax payers PAY for it.

TROLLS: Don’t bother trying to discount what I just said about late-term abortion. The abortion facility where I counsel is at it’s BUSIEST during the two late-term days per week. The LIE that every late-term abortion is for babies that will die during or just after birth is an absolute LIE. I see it every week….late-term abortions are for women that just didn’t get to the abortionist early enough. This article says that second trimester abortions are about 10% [citing uneducated and ignorant], but we SEE much more than that.

Another fellow blogger posted,“There is not now, nor has there ever been, anyone single person, male or female, that holds the wisdom and power to decide what life should, must or can look like for another.” How can that be when you believe women can choose to abort, which….in case you did not know…kills the unborn child? Does that not seem a bit hypocritical? Actually, it’s VERY hypocritical! Allowing elected or appointed officials to determine what life is and when it can be terminated or aborted is exactly what you say prolifers do!


In the words of Judge Judy, DON’T PEE ON MY LEG AND TELL ME IT’S RAINING. 

And the blogger goes on to say, “There have been some that thought they were in such a position – but that issue has been settled for the most part. We now face the final settling – the final chapter in becoming a civilized world.” GOTCHA! So, ‘civilized’ means to kill our unborn children by the millions?

In the United States, we live under an assumed identity of being separate from what was once our former government in Europe. All those hundreds of years ago, abortion was accepted but not necessarily acknowledged; it was under ‘common law’ and brought to America before it was America. All that being said, abortion is not new, it was revived and legalized, that’s all. It has never been about a CHOICE or reproductive health, it has always been about population control of what Margaret Sanger called ‘human weeds‘.

“Abortion has swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member.” ~

Our identity as a Republic is waning away because we are continually desensitized by our government to bring about ‘change’ – population change, it would seem. Change? I’m out of money BEING FORCED TO PAY FOR ABORTION…NO CHANGE FOR YOU.

Guess I’ll have to buy that cape 😉 after all, the Prolife Caped Crusader has to have at least one. I’ll make Batman PROUD.

Our Prolife Year in Review, 2012

And what a year it has been. The focal point of this Prolife year is most definitely the 2012 Election. We worked hard and out loud for the cause of Christ and the unborn. Even though studies showed we are now a ‘prolife nation’, Americans re-elected the most horrific, evil president of our time. He is personally responsible for AT LEAST 6 MILLION unborn American’s abortion deaths…that we know of. I brought up the truth, not urban legend, of online ‘do it yourself’ medical abortions that can at least double that number. Since Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy, you can make the number of unborn deaths to top the MULTI-MILLIONS; my estimation is well over 30 MILLION, and I think that is quite conservative. We can only use the numbers that are provided which are murky at best. But God knows.

There was a bunch of prolife legislation that was passed and rejected. Particularly in Ohio we still had the Heartbeat Bill to pass and redirecting funds from Planned Parenthood, besides others. Incredibly, the THEN Senate President Niehaus rejected and in fact stacked the deck against voting on the Heartbeat Bill before the end of this year. Mr. Niehaus calls himself a prolife state Senator, I call him a liar and traitor. He purposely moved other Senators around so that a vote would not prevail if it was able to be voted on. It was his intention to not undo the prolife work he had done in his tenure; this was his last year in the Ohio Senate because of term limits. I smell an agenda. Is the bill dead? No, just a bit injured. I certainly hope that my testimonies [and others] at the Senate and House committees not be in vain.

2012 was a year of marking the Conservative territory. It was a time of real separation from mainstream politics for us but ‘they’ did not see it that way. Still the conservative is stereotyped as a fat, rich white guy; I am neither fat, rich or a guy, nor are many of the people I know that fought this election fight. We are a band of brothers that sit in foxholes trying to fight this Socialist war against the Republic of America. And now they’re trying to take our guns away. SHEESH.

There were bright spots this past year; one of my favorites was the Stand UP for Religious Freedom rallies [rejecting the HHS Mandate]. I had the privilege to speak at all three in defense of unborn children and post-abortive women. Our laws are woefully inadequate for our born children and women, much less the unborn. Women are secularized and brutalized by abortion and even killed for being women in the womb. Even in these United States, we still make women and girls second to even the WORST of men, namely the Liberal politicians that demonize us by allowing abortion up to FULL TERM for ANY REASON. We can thank ‘common law liberty’ for allowing Doe and Roe to continue even though life in the womb has been determined to be actual human life after all. It is incredible to see how horrifically skewed our leadership is and probably continue to be. But what do I know…I’m just a WOMAN.

It was a JOY to meet some of the stalwarts of Prolife Ministry this year – kudos to Bryan Kemper, Troy Newman, Rev. Patrick Mahoney and Shawn Carney for all of the great work they do for the unborn. It was a blessing to meet you all.

Our local 40 Days for Life campaigns was the best yet! We had great speakers and turnouts. The Dayton team works hard to get our community and churches to participate and at the very least show up. Abortion is still a tough issue for most people to think about much less speak out loud about. But with every little step, we see more faces and more participation. There is always room for more at the abortion facility to help and pray for the unborn and the women who leave empty handed. The 2013 Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign starts February 13th! Click here for participating cities and countries.

I am still pleasantly shocked at the faithfulness of the people that stick with Prolife Ministry all year, every day the facility is open, to speak with women and girls about their unborn child and the choice they will ultimately make. In Ohio, we have a 24 hour waiting period so they have to come to the facility twice which gives us two opportunities to share Life with them. Sometimes they change their minds, but most times they do not. Sometimes they come by themselves if they own a car; other times someone like a boyfriend or their own parent takes them. I’ve seen these women and girls wait and wait and wait because her ride didn’t show up after her abortion. She leaves there with her eyes down, literally empty inside, devoid of everything, no one waiting for her. I know – I’ve been there.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Besides this being my ‘Prolife year in Review’, this is also what KeepLifeLegal’s intentions are to continue in Prolife Ministry for 2013. We are Evangelical Christians that are born again, spirit filled with the Calling of God to do His work for the unborn and spreading the Gospel. We speak and preach when asked to; we give when the Spirit leads us and embrace the broken with the love of Jesus Christ. It is our purpose to broaden KeepLifeLegal this year to make way for a literal highway of Prolife Ministry as far as God will take us.

My Bible is a book of LIFE, not choice. We preach Christ crucified, we preach LIFE. And above all, PRAY.

Happy New Year and may God richly Bless you!

Women & Abortion Economics 101 – the TRUTH.

BREAKING NEWS: Aborting your unborn child will make you wealthier AND smarter AND empowered!

Obama USED women to empower other women on the abortion vote, or more commonly referred to as the ‘war on women’. EMPOWER. Empower, really? While this is no real surprise, it is worth visiting again because middle class white women are somehow encumbered with knowledge that they think no one else has regarding contraception, pregnancy and abortion. It is middle class white women that have been duped into the government exalting them so they will do their DIRTY WORK.

I shake my head trying to figure out how women have gotten this stupid. No, really…STUPID. But here it is:

“Women who attempted get abortions but were denied are three times as likely to fall into poverty than those whose efforts were not blocked, a recent study conducted by researchers at University of California San Francisco found.” Read the rest of the article on the RAG HuffPost here.

SIDENOTE: UCSF’s Bixby Center on Global Reproductive Health, which you can see here, is relying on Guttmacher Institute ‘research’ – loosely translated means that they have no actual proof and have never shown where or who they ‘research’. They EXAMINED interviews, none were conducted by UCSF’s Bixby Center on Global Reproductive Health.

Since 75% of abortion facilities are in low income neighborhoods, it is no huge secret that these women and girls are already on some type of assistance (whether on their own or their parent’s); if these economically poor women and girls (minor girls) do not abort they can, but not always, become POORER than they were before. These same economically poor women and girls had access to free or low cost birth control and chose either not to use it or used it improperly. Again, this is no huge secret that this so-called study was unearthed. Take a drive in a low income or poor neighborhood and you’ll see pregnant teenage girls pushing strollers more than in middle class neighborhoods.

Women and girls are continually criticized for keeping their unborn children. How has this country gotten to the point of hating the unborn children of the economically challenged? Are they not allowed to procreate? Now, while I do not agree with sex before marriage, I know I cannot make anyone do the ‘right thing’ – then neither can the government have the ability or opportunity to counsel them abort.

I don’t think this fight – the Liberal’s War on ALL Women – will ever end but I do believe that using bits and pieces of prolife legislation will put a dent in it and open up the conversation so that women and girls of any economic standard will know the truth instead of supposed governmental standard. We cannot be so shaken and strong-armed to believe a Liberal sociological agenda that they base on a Godless religion called CHOICE.

Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32