No ObamaCare in Ohio

From the Columbus Dispatch:  ‘In a conference call with reporters, House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-West Chester (Ohio), assailed the House Democratic version of the health-care bill as a “1.6 trillion monstrosity. The Democratic takeover (of health care) is going to diminish quality and, I think, reduce access to care. It’s going to lead to rationing and, I believe, denial of care.”  Boehner said he was “not at all surprised” that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today that he will postpone a Senate floor debate on health care until September.’ohio_proud

Time is a good thing. This ObamaCare debacle needs to be reined in. Obama is under the impression he is helping Ohioans with this bit of legislation. All Obama is doing is cleaning up a mess he created when he was elected. If he hadn’t shuttered and shut down plant after plant, factory after factory with his ‘stimulus’, Ohioans wouldn’t be in the position they are in.

This Ohioan says NO.

“According to statistics released by the White House, 11 percent of people in Ohio are uninsured and the percentage of Ohioans with employer coverage has declined from 71 percent to 65 percent between 2000 and 2007. Moreover, 20 percent of middle-income Ohio families spend more than 10 percent of their income on health care, and 12 percent of people in Ohio report not visiting a doctor due to high costs.”

I don’t know where the ‘White House’ gets their info from, but this was not as much of an issue when General Motors was still in business as General Motors. And it’s not just what Obama did to GM particularly, it’s all the little guys that went with it; design shops, tool and die shops, parts makers, controls makers, even down to the guy that makes the tires to the guy that sells the cars. If you haven’t noticed lately, new car sales are down by HALF. Ohioans counted on the car business, both manufacturing and selling, to put food on the table for nearly as many years as Obama has been alive. I was one of them. The car business made cities out of towns. My job in the car business is now history, thanks to Obama shuttering dealerships.

House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner
House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner

Obama and his posse of idiot democrats has made what he is trying to fix in Ohio – a lousy economy with little to no healthcare or access to it. Even the guy that drives the big vans to pick up people that have no transportation and is in critical out-patient care has been axed…not enough money to pay him, either.

And when Obama makes small businesses pay for this 1 trillion dollar healthcare plan, small businesses won’t be small anymore. They’ll be nonexistent. Then who’ll pay for it? Every last one of us.

Obama – hear this – the swing state of OHIO is looking redder and leaning more to the right every day. We don’t want your ‘help’ anymore. Pro-life? In ObamaLand? All of our lives here in Ohio are at stake with the current administration. He wants to kill our unborn children, our elderly and whoever else stands a chance at having a life. All he’s doing is erasing people that WON’T VOTE FOR HIM IN 2012. We have major players in Washington that are Ohioans – and we’re done playin’.

We are not a Christian nation?

This video speaks for itself – our President says the United States is NOT a Christian nation any longer…he certainly made short work of that, didn’t he…..

It’s not real hard to figure out why abortion rates are off the charts.

It’s not real hard to figure out why he insists on nominating heathen ultra left-wing God haters.

It’s not real hard to see where our money is really going.

It’s not real hard to see the future…

‘Repent!  for the Kingdom of God is at hand’.

This & That, Dumb & Dumber

The Queen looks a bit frightened...
The Queen looks a bit frightened...

Anyone? Anyone?  ‘A number of conservative groups have raised loud opposition to Sebelius over the issue of abortion rights, which she supports. But she escaped any questions on that issue Thursday, and wasn’t asked to address it during a hearing earlier in the week before the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, either.’

Just when you thought church was a sanctuary…  ‘A UCC (United Church of Christ) executive said that condom distribution is a matter of life and death and that condoms should be made available to save the lives of young people. Calling it the denomination’s “moral responsibility” to make condoms available, the UCC’s executive for health and wellness advocacy said ‘people of faith make condoms available because we have chosen life so that we and our children may live.’  That’ll save you a trip to the drugstore!

It’s not easy being green –   ‘Amy Watson, a senior policy analyst with the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), says the green jobs touted by Obama could potential become a reality — but she questions at what expense to the U.S. economy….”Essentially the Obama administration wants to subsidize things like the wind and solar industries in an effort to create these so-called ‘green’ jobs that they keep purporting they are going to create,” notes Watson. “So depending on if that subsidy continues — because these industries are certainly not self-sufficient — potentially there will be jobs. But at what expense? At what detriment to the U.S. economy as a whole?”‘ Obama forgets the huge carbon footprint that ‘being green’ makes, and it takes ‘green’ to do it – do I smell another stimulus??

God save the Queen – from the Obama’s.  ‘It’s not every day the American president’s driver is told to move his bulletproof car. But Queen Elizabeth II’s handlers (handlers??) made the request Wednesday after President Barack Obama’s reinforced Cadillac limousine was found to be blocking the garden entrance driveway at Buckingham Palace. After it was moved, Jaguars carrying Prince Charles and other members of the royal family pulled up for the queen’s reception for leaders attending Thursday’s G-20 summit.’  He would be the first American President that blocked the Royal Driveway.

That’s enough STUPID news for now…but tomorrow is another day!

The Death of Free Enterprise.

wagonerobamaFrom the Detrit Free Press today:  WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will give General Motors Corp. 60 days to craft a new survival plan without Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, and set a 30-day deadline for Chrysler LLC to either partner with Fiat SpA or shut down.

And then from the Detroit Free Press yesterday:  President Barack Obama’s rescue plan for Detroit automakers will be unveiled Monday, but one condition became clear today: the resignation of General Motors Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner….. As a condition for additional government aid to GM, the Obama administration asked Wagoner to step aside, which Wagoner agreed to do today, people familiar with the plan said. Wagoner’s move, effective immediately, ends a 31-year career with GM.

Thus far, Ford has not taken any stimulus money;  it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Banks are being seized, major corporations are being taken over, the entire free enterprise system is at a complete stand-still – small business owners are scared to death. The future is bleak for our ‘economy’, for lack of a better word for whatever it is now. The dawning of Socialism is here. To those of you that took the money – OBAMA OWNS YOU.

The reason why some governors and businesses are not taking the Stimulus money – Federal control.

What does this have to do with saving the babies?

States that take the stimulus  money will be subject to funds going toward family planning – abortion. It’s been in the Obama agenda since the beginning. Obama made it look good when they said that Planned Parenthood was not getting stimulus money even though Pelosi said ‘ Fewer children reduces the cost to the state.’  “I’m stunned,” Cecile Richards, president of PPFA wrote in an e-mail. “Removing this provision is a betrayal of millions of low-income women, and it will place an even greater burden on state budgets that are already strained to the breaking point.”

What most don’t realize is that federal funded abortion is still hovering out there because of two things…nationalized health care that Clinton and Kennedy have been pushing AND the Freedom of Choice Act has yet to be addressed. Do not be deceived – this is NOT over.

This whole fiasco with the auto industry has proven that our children are at greater risk than originally thought.

Read between the stimulus lines…

Some of our 50 states are not accepting stimulus money, including my kind-of-home-state of Louisiana.

Why would a state not take advantage of a bunch of money freely given by the government? Pick me! Pick me!! I know the answer!!

We would be under the subjection and scrutiny of the new administration, the extreme Left, and it’s whim to do it’s bidding. It’s so obvious that Obama and Pelosi are trying to socialize our country and they’re trying to do this one state at a time, one issue at a time.

Example: From the Washington Post – ‘The Obama administration is considering asking Congress to give the Treasury secretary unprecedented powers to initiate the seizure of non-bank financial companies, such as large insurers, investment firms and hedge funds, whose collapse would damage the broader economy, according to an administration document.’  Read the rest of the article here.

Obama goes on to say – ‘President Barack Obama says he hopes “it doesn’t take too long” to convince Congress to approve new authority to oversee financial firms,’ according to the Associated Press today. Read that here.

And, some states are not jumping on the government funding embryonic-stem-cell-research bandwagon.

From Fox News – ‘Legislators across the country are moving to block expanded stem cell research following an executive order from President Obama that loosened restrictions in the controversial field.’ Read the rest of the article here.


Stop the Pork. Eat Mor Chikin!

Accepting money from a source that looks okay because it comes from a source that just about everyone should trust seems like a good thing. Remember, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you’d think it’s a duck, right? Umm…no. It may look like a duck and quack like one, but I smell PORK.

Eat Mor Chikin
Eat Mor Chikin