Trends of Civil Rights to Individuals – Why Abolition of Abortion May Not Work

The Prolife Movement has spawned many ministries and societies, both with viable results. The Personhood Movement has brought about the Abolition Movement of abortion law. But what we have here is misinformation of what abolition actually did in the past to a people enslaved by the American law and landholders; what we forget is how many YEARS it took to bring about Abolition, well over 100 years, to free a people that should have had the exact same rights and privileges as everyone else in the first place. So, bringing about the abolition of abortion may have a way to go and even then the symbolic ‘abolition’ of abortion will become a state matter, because of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Now that’s a tangled web.

Constitutional law has become a twisted and gnarled joke. Not even the president [notice low cap] appreciates or follows constitutional law even though he has sworn to uphold it. Then if he does not, the American people will not…and they have not. But that should not lessen the fight to do what our forefathers fought for. We are a people of symbolism, not real change. Americans like to be the exception but that has not proven to be true. We are still in a downward spiral to socialism, LIFE being the chief issue of our day. LIFE defines us and should motivate us, but it does not.

What can we really do to change abortion law? What trends have been noticeable? Is there a way out of ‘settled law’?

Consider Abolition. There has been slavery since ancient times. But in America, there were slaves since we were a country. The first Abolition Society in America was in 1775; some northern states used their Supreme Court processes to make slavery illegal but slavery was still ‘legal’ because citizens were allowed to own ‘property’, thus slaves were considered property, not equal. Congress passed an ordinance outlawing NEW slavery, therefore circumventing the law to keep slaves born to slaves in the USA.

Understand the timeline: The first Abolition Society was in 1775, Abolition of the slaves was a result of the Civil War in 1865; but it took a civil rights movement [1955-68] to bring full constitutional rights to the people over 100 years after the Civil War. The Civil Rights Movement took ‘separate but equal’ to EQUAL.

Prohibition did not work either – the 18th Amendment was repealed; can the 14th Amendment [adopted in 1868 BECAUSE of ABOLITION] that holds Roe v. Wade be repealed? NO….because while the 18th Amendment was designed specifically for prohibition, the 14th Amendment was already alive and well as part of Reconstruction after the Civil War; repealing the 14th Amendment is essentially impossible because it IRONICALLY reversed the Dred Scott case and gave citizenship AFTER ABOLITION. What the Supreme Court did to legalize abortion and KEEP it legal was attach it to an Amendment that cannot be repealed, only ratified or modified to suit a Republican or Democrat driven Supreme Court. The 14th Amendment gives citizenship, but not to unborn persons. Unborn persons are ‘separate but equal’ to be segregated for lawful termination.

Since Obama has been president, we have seen that Constitutional law will be twisted and gnarled to appease a dictator that wishes world domination, not world peace. We are constitutionally being erased through an amendment(s) that was supposed to protect all Americans. The deck has already been stacked against making the unborn legal citizens with free rights that our forefathers fought and died for. What we have to do now is seek more avenues to curtail and prevent as many unborn deaths as possible.

If abortion was made illegal today, abortion would still be performed illegally, we know that. Should it still be illegal? YES. Just like every other murder is illegal but still performed. So, what are we supposed to do about abortion in the meantime? Easy enough, we have to make abortion a civil rights issue with associated laws to prevent more abortion.

Working the system WORKED, bringing civil rights to all individuals WORKED. Giving civil rights to unborn persons will work better than abolition simply because constitutional law has to be unraveled bit by bit by people that don’t want to give it up for a myriad of reasons, mainly money and power. This is why we – ministers, preachers, civil leaders, politicians, laypeople – need to change the hearts of sinful men and women to deter them from wanting to do what is sinful AND IT HAS TO START IN THE CHURCHES AND GO TO THE STATEHOUSE. However, it is up to our elected leaders to consider giving civil rights to their unborn-will-someday-vote citizens.

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED: Even though abortion cannot be eradicated completely, it can be made illegal, just like stealing, smuggling, gambling, and murder. Nothing can be eradicated completely; ask any lawmaker. If illegal deeds were never done anymore ever, there would be no need of police or the evening news.

BE ENCOURAGED! Be a civil rights leader for the unborn; seek their ultimate God-given RIGHT TO LIFE.

PRAY and contemplate, be aware and get involved. Our unborn citizens NEED YOU! No one should have to die because of bad law and bad decisions. Tell our ‘leaders’ to give civil rights to our unborn, not undetermined death by abortion.

Our Prolife Year in Review, 2012

And what a year it has been. The focal point of this Prolife year is most definitely the 2012 Election. We worked hard and out loud for the cause of Christ and the unborn. Even though studies showed we are now a ‘prolife nation’, Americans re-elected the most horrific, evil president of our time. He is personally responsible for AT LEAST 6 MILLION unborn American’s abortion deaths…that we know of. I brought up the truth, not urban legend, of online ‘do it yourself’ medical abortions that can at least double that number. Since Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy, you can make the number of unborn deaths to top the MULTI-MILLIONS; my estimation is well over 30 MILLION, and I think that is quite conservative. We can only use the numbers that are provided which are murky at best. But God knows.

There was a bunch of prolife legislation that was passed and rejected. Particularly in Ohio we still had the Heartbeat Bill to pass and redirecting funds from Planned Parenthood, besides others. Incredibly, the THEN Senate President Niehaus rejected and in fact stacked the deck against voting on the Heartbeat Bill before the end of this year. Mr. Niehaus calls himself a prolife state Senator, I call him a liar and traitor. He purposely moved other Senators around so that a vote would not prevail if it was able to be voted on. It was his intention to not undo the prolife work he had done in his tenure; this was his last year in the Ohio Senate because of term limits. I smell an agenda. Is the bill dead? No, just a bit injured. I certainly hope that my testimonies [and others] at the Senate and House committees not be in vain.

2012 was a year of marking the Conservative territory. It was a time of real separation from mainstream politics for us but ‘they’ did not see it that way. Still the conservative is stereotyped as a fat, rich white guy; I am neither fat, rich or a guy, nor are many of the people I know that fought this election fight. We are a band of brothers that sit in foxholes trying to fight this Socialist war against the Republic of America. And now they’re trying to take our guns away. SHEESH.

There were bright spots this past year; one of my favorites was the Stand UP for Religious Freedom rallies [rejecting the HHS Mandate]. I had the privilege to speak at all three in defense of unborn children and post-abortive women. Our laws are woefully inadequate for our born children and women, much less the unborn. Women are secularized and brutalized by abortion and even killed for being women in the womb. Even in these United States, we still make women and girls second to even the WORST of men, namely the Liberal politicians that demonize us by allowing abortion up to FULL TERM for ANY REASON. We can thank ‘common law liberty’ for allowing Doe and Roe to continue even though life in the womb has been determined to be actual human life after all. It is incredible to see how horrifically skewed our leadership is and probably continue to be. But what do I know…I’m just a WOMAN.

It was a JOY to meet some of the stalwarts of Prolife Ministry this year – kudos to Bryan Kemper, Troy Newman, Rev. Patrick Mahoney and Shawn Carney for all of the great work they do for the unborn. It was a blessing to meet you all.

Our local 40 Days for Life campaigns was the best yet! We had great speakers and turnouts. The Dayton team works hard to get our community and churches to participate and at the very least show up. Abortion is still a tough issue for most people to think about much less speak out loud about. But with every little step, we see more faces and more participation. There is always room for more at the abortion facility to help and pray for the unborn and the women who leave empty handed. The 2013 Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign starts February 13th! Click here for participating cities and countries.

I am still pleasantly shocked at the faithfulness of the people that stick with Prolife Ministry all year, every day the facility is open, to speak with women and girls about their unborn child and the choice they will ultimately make. In Ohio, we have a 24 hour waiting period so they have to come to the facility twice which gives us two opportunities to share Life with them. Sometimes they change their minds, but most times they do not. Sometimes they come by themselves if they own a car; other times someone like a boyfriend or their own parent takes them. I’ve seen these women and girls wait and wait and wait because her ride didn’t show up after her abortion. She leaves there with her eyes down, literally empty inside, devoid of everything, no one waiting for her. I know – I’ve been there.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Besides this being my ‘Prolife year in Review’, this is also what KeepLifeLegal’s intentions are to continue in Prolife Ministry for 2013. We are Evangelical Christians that are born again, spirit filled with the Calling of God to do His work for the unborn and spreading the Gospel. We speak and preach when asked to; we give when the Spirit leads us and embrace the broken with the love of Jesus Christ. It is our purpose to broaden KeepLifeLegal this year to make way for a literal highway of Prolife Ministry as far as God will take us.

My Bible is a book of LIFE, not choice. We preach Christ crucified, we preach LIFE. And above all, PRAY.

Happy New Year and may God richly Bless you!

The Politician’s Questionable Prolife Definition of….prolife.

During the 2012 elections, Republicans questioned why abortion was not prevalent and Democrats wondered why it was so prevalent. Seem a bit bipolar? You’re right, it is – and trying to sort this out for moderates to understand was exhausting. There is this seemingly thin line that some career politicians stand on to appeal to prospective voters, but core issues like abortion have been blurred to get there. It’s as if they become somewhat androgynous so that no one is offended.

The most popular candidates this past election (that we know of) that actually took a stand was Todd Akin of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana. Their principled prolife views were not accepted by and large, leaving moderates wondering if they were ever prolife OR liberals thinking they’ve outed them in the public square. As mixed up as that sounds, it is evident that more often than not we will never be blessed with a total prolife candidate without the rape/incest exception. How do we take our lumps after the elections? One at a time. Here is one such lump: Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus.

Recently, Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus had the nerve to say ‘We have been the most pro-life legislature in my memory’ not only struck down a vote on the Heartbeat Bill AGAIN, but effectively discounted its potential to go before the Supreme Court to challenge Roe v. Wade. Niehaus said he was ‘threatened’ and ‘bullied’ to get a vote on the bill….how does a so-called prolife Senate President NOT vote on the most lifesaving piece of legislation in his career? However, I am happy to see that the Senate President Pro Tempore Keith Faber is a strong supporter of the Heartbeat Bill. Will it get the vote it deserves next year? I pray so.

Both Niehaus and Senator Peggy Lehner said that the Heartbeat Bill could have the ‘potential to undermine all of the good work the right-to-life community has done’ – I’m not understanding why that should be a factor since this bill could (could, not would) nullify other passed legislation since this one will set the precedent of NO ABORTIONS when the heartbeat is detected. “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business,” Michael Corleone would say….sounding strikingly familiar from Mr. Niehaus to the Heartbeat Bill’s supporters. It’s always personal…always.

It is also documented that Mr. Niehaus accepted the Komen Columbus Public Service Award even though Komen supports Planned Parenthood….I would not call that ‘prolife’ and in fact would call that working both sides of the political fence. Do the math – other recipients of Komen’s award was Rep. Joyce Beatty (D) and Former Governor Ted Strickland (D) who campaigned with and for Obama.

Are there fundamental Prolifers in politics today? I believe that there is on the State level. Have we completely understood that the only way we can eradicate abortion is getting through ‘the system’? Can politicians fundamentally support prolife and still vote for the ‘common good’ loophole of rape/incest exceptions to quiet the moderates and some liberals to get a foothold? But until then, abortion continues to kill off future voters and taxpayers and we wonder why the economy is freaked out. Go figure. While I believe in total Personhood for our unborn children, I am also mature enough to understand that we have to pick at Roe until we can get in front of the Supreme Court.

The fight is never over or quiet. Even the local NARAL reps have said, “We don’t believe for a second that this threat is over – perhaps delayed, but not over.”

I couldn’t agree more.

OHIO SENATE HALTS HEARTBEAT BILL – Official Statement from KeepLifeLegal

November 28, 2012  “The chamber doesn’t plan to vote on the so-called “heartbeat bill” before the end of the legislative session next month, Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus said, citing concerns the resulting law might have been found to be unconstitutional,” AP reported; also “Senate President Tom Niehaus said his chamber will not act this year on bills that would ban abortions in Ohio,” said another.

The real prolifers of Ohio wonder how this could have actually happened after hearing from the stalwarts of the prolife community; how incredible everyone worked for the Heartbeat Bill – hours of testimony, rallies and lobbying. Janet Porter of Faith2Action and her supporters worked harder than anyone I’ve ever seen for our unborn. God bless them all for their tenacity and love.

As most of my readers know, I testified for Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill in both the House and Senate committees regarding Post-Abortive women and men. When I first heard about this bill and that Ohio Right to Life was NOT backing it, I went to ORTL website and submitted a note (3/2/11) to then Executive Director Mike Gonidakis:

“I cannot tell you how disappointed and shocked I am in your decision not to back the Heartbeat Bill (HB125). This is absolutely irresponsible. Dr. Bernard Nathanson stopped performing abortions and became a prolife leader because he saw an ultrasound of the unborn child. If you cannot support HB125, then how can you stand for any ultrasound laws in the state of Ohio?”

Mr. Gonidakis responded saying that I was misinformed (?) and he was more concerned about Personhood to eliminate all abortions. Not only did ORTL not back the Heartbeat Bill but they were also NOT going to back the Personhood initiative that was started soon after. Mr. Gonidakis showed his cards – this was personal, not business; you also need to know that other backers of the Heartbeat Bill were also once involved on the board and in administrative offices of ORTL which did not set well with Mr. Gonidakis.

The Dayton Daily News said, ‘Mike Gonidakis, the group’s [ORTL] executive director, said the heartbeat legislation would not survive a court challenge. “Despite noble aspirations, there is no scenario under which the heartbeat legislation will be upheld by any court and therefore no lives will be saved by passage of this bill,” Gonidakis said in an e-mail. “Our goal is to protect the lives we can now and that is why we introduced the late-term ban.” Can Mr. Gonidakis not be aware that the majority of abortions occur in the FIRST trimester?

In an article dated as recent as November 8, 2012, “We’re going to keep the process close to the vest,” Mr. Gonidaks said. “We don’t want this to play out in the press. We’re still working on it, trading messages about the language. It’s not final yet.” Mr. Gonidakis would later say, EVEN after arriving at a ‘compromise’ for the bill, “It is the right idea at the wrong time”. So either Mr. Gonidakis has an evil twin or he never had any actual intention of doing one thing for a bill that could save lives.

Had Mike Gonidakis backed the bill initially – which the public wanted and proaborts criticized – the Heartbeat Bill could have passed. However, Mr. Gonidakis would not back the bill that would save many thousands of unborn lives over personal issues and because of his opinion, the bill lays dead as does the lives it could have saved.

It was also known within ‘right to life’ chapters and societies that they have disassociated with Ohio Right to Life because of ORTL’s anti-life stand on recent prolife legislation. Senate President Tom Niehaus actually said out loud, ‘We have been the most pro-life legislature in my memory’ while killing the bill. And that’s prolife? Again, how can Ohio RIGHT TO LIFE and ‘the most prolife legislature’ NOT support and pass the Heartbeat Bill?

Being in prolife ministry, I have spoken for our local 40 Days for Life rallies and our Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies. Most in our community knows how I feel about saving as many unborn lives as possible as well as exposing the agendas of ‘prolife’ politicians. Our state Senator, Peggy Lehner (R), happened to be in attendance for one such rally and was not pleased with my opposition of certain individuals that claim to be prolife but are in fact career politicians.

The day before I testified in the Senate committee for the Heartbeat Bill, I received a letter in the mail from Ms. Lehner that was nearly verbatim of what Ohio Right to Life said about the bill…. ‘undergoing significant legal review’ and ‘if struck down it will simply embed Roe v. Wade deeper into law’ AND ‘that many are suggesting it is only the Ohio Senate that stands between life and death’,  etc. I brought the letter with me and asked the others if they had received theirs…they said they did not. Ms. Lehner tried to establish her side of the Heartbeat Bill story and to perhaps curtail me from testifying. What I should have done was taken this letter to the press and let them ask her the hard question of why a prolife State Senator would say no to life. Ms. Lehner has been criticized for ORTL’s significant role in her campaigns and ‘leadership’ within the State Senate.

We are technically still in ‘lame duck session’ but the likely survival of the Heartbeat Bill is slim if SO-CALLED prolife legislators are not on board with real life prolife bills on the table. Is there still ‘life’ in the bill? I sure hope so….because 26,000 unborn Ohioans die per year because they are not protected by laws that will not be passed if we do not redefine what PROLIFE means.

A Tale of Liberal Indoctrination at the Common Public School

The Constitution…a document that is constantly in an amended state of mire instead of what it was intended for; based on Christian principles and on the distant memory of a failing government that has since been known as a place where radical Muslims are received as a ‘peaceful people’. Where were we weak as a nation and a free people? The Constitution was never meant to be a pacifier.

‘Free thinking’ is no longer FREE, I fear. A post on Facebook said:

“Congrats to those dependent on government, homosexuals, potheads, JAY-Z fans, non Christians, non taxpayers, illegals, communists, Muslims, planned murder clinics, enemies of America, Satan You WON!” Read the article here.

OBSERVATION: Teachers teaching the Constitution today is like an atheist teaching the Bible in Church.

While some people think this was a racist rant, I BEG TO DIFFER. It is racists that made the bigger deal out of it than it was. Although, I do find it interesting that the people who saw this post and made it ‘news’ are Obama supporters. It is interesting to note that the school where this teacher is employed has a large Muslim population. One of the comments of the above article said:

“While the teacher’s post may have offended some we still have free speech the last I checked and can choose whom we want to vote for in a presidential election. It’s funny no one has mentioned what my child saw at the city school he attends and that’s blatant bashing of any individual not supporting Obama or the democratic party by staff. I even noticed teachers wearing pins supporting Obama on Election Day. Teachers should be neutral regardless of their political views while in school with students present and if they wish to discuss political issues do so representing all sides not just the one the NEA supported to the tune of 60 million dollars.”

Which is another facet to this fiasco of the LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION we all pay for in public school – remember the mural on the high school wall of Obama on Election Day? Where was Reagan? Or even Lincoln? I know of a first-grader that came home from school and said the teacher is voting for Obama…A FIRST GRADER.

SIDENOTE: Teachers can tell your kids who to vote for and get away with it, but PRAY in school and your kid is sent home. Biased much?

The National Education Association spent multiple MILLIONS to get Obama elected and this Facebook commenter was apparently undeterred by them. Look into who they [NEA] appoint and what they support; Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, among others. See video below…it’ll make you think twice about what teachers are really teaching and supporting.

Do you realize that when you send your child to public school, you have given your parental rights to them until the final bell rings? You have little rights, if any at all, to complain or comment on what goes on during those hours: “…A survey last year of state and federal appellate court rulings found the vast majority of the court decisions refused to acknowledge traditional parental rights are fundamental rights.” Read the rest here.

SIDENOTE: Have you forgotten that your minor daughter can get an abortion during school hours without your consent? For that you can thank Planned Parenthood, ACLU and a Liberal government.

This teacher that was lambasted for their Facebook post is able to do so because of their First Amendment RIGHTS of the United States Constitution. You have the RIGHT to applaud it or denounce it…but the RIGHT to Free Speech is still the law of the land….for now.

If you are a parent of school-aged children, go to to see what you can do for your parental rights in public school.