Massachusetts looking for a new face

and D.C. needs a talking dog.

How infernally tired I am of hearing about Ms. Coakley and her near perfect fit amongst the Kennedyites in Senate Land. I wonder if she’s heard how tired Bostonians and others from Massachusetts are of the tyranny that once was held by people who made their bazillions with rum-running and racketeering. I suppose there is honor among thieves.

It certainly wasn’t a stretch to see Ms. Coakley amid the other baby killer women on EMILY’s List. How glorified she must feel knowing that she is responsible for the deaths of future voters.

So how should we feel about someone that forced hospital workers to give abortion meds to rape victims?

Later in the debate, Brown refused to answer directly a question posed by Coakley about a measure he filed in 2005 that would have allowed hospital personnel to deny contraceptives to rape victims if they had religious objections. The amendment, which did not pass, was attached to a bill that he ultimately voted for, which required emergency rooms to provide contraceptives to rape victims.

Once again, the civil rights of the hospital workers and the POTENTIAL unborn child were set aside while forcing ER personnel to supply an abortion med without giving the POTENTIAL mother a chance to think about it after the initial attack. How sick do you have to be to shove that med down the throat of someone that is still in shock?

Coakley said she would not have supported the House health care bill because of provisions designed to prevent federal funding of abortions that abortion rights advocates said went too far…..“Her position is understandable, given the impossible choice that antichoice extremists have put members of the Senate and future members of the Senate in,’’ said Andrea Miller, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. “With that said, this is one round, and we have confidence that moving forward, we’ll continue to work to remove these extreme provisions in the conference committee.’’

It’s very amusing that NARAL and Planned Parenthood actually think they have buying power in the Senate. If that’s the case, here’s my $5 toward removing Obama from the White House and replacing him with a talking dog.

Getting back on task, it’s been quite a show in Massachusetts with all of the heavy hitters showing up for both sides. You know, the Dems have realized that they’re on the chopping block and that we want a change from the reality of CHANGE in D.C.

The Special Election is Tuesday. Choose – but choose wisely. I wonder what Ted Kennedy is doing right now?


Mass abortion.

Mass abortion…In Massachusetts. As usual.

From the Boston Globe:  Abortion rights advocates said Democrat Martha Coakley, the attorney general, has used whatever position she is in to advance their cause – and that her work predates her time in politics. Before she joined the Middlesex district attorney’s office in 1986, for example, Coakley was a private lawyer who volunteered her time to help minors get court orders for abortions when they could not get their parents’ consent.

And what about Republican Scott Brown? Again, in order to hold the attention of the ultra Liberal in Massachusetts, he is also pro-choice. Both candidates support Roe v. Wade.

That is some serious kissing-up to voters.

“I know that none of the young women wanted to do this,’’ Coakley said in a recent interview. “Many of them had tried to be careful or used contraception and it failed, or they did not understand. They had pointed out to me, what I still think is true, that we don’t do a very good job around sex education for a lot of young women.’’

I think Forrest Gump has competition. Is that the most ridiculous statement? You can’t get girls that age to clean their room and you want them to remember to take a pill they are too young to have in the first place? They aren’t old enough to vote! YET…

“While this decision should ultimately be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor, I believe we need to reduce the number of abortions in America,’’ Scott Brown said.

How can you support Roe v. Wade and also support the Women’s Right to Know Act, Mr. Brown?

Truly, it’s all about the votes in a particular state that is particularly a Liberal’s Liberal. Sucking up to the public is not attractive. Murder is murder no matter how you slice it.

This is a perfect epitaph for such a Senator as Kennedy…keep the murder of innocent babies in clear focus while keeping us busy and bothered with the healthcare bill. Ingenious.


What about Camelot?

Ted Kennedy dies of brain cancer at the age of 77. So…what about Camelot?

The Kennedy family initially made their money rum-running during prohibition. They were not ‘blue-blood’, they were nobodies….just Irish immigrants. And at that time, the Irish were considered dirty and only good for servitude. I for one do not like that about the Irish, because I am from Irish immigrants myself.

Anyway, the Kennedys bought their way into society; they were ‘new’ money. So how in the world did they get so famous? Scandal and marrying well.

Being Democrats and Catholic never changed the opinion of the Kennedy’s that abortion is a woman’s choice. Ted Kennedy fought and fought over healthcare reform that would include government paid abortion on demand to keep the ‘burden’ off the system, i.e. the government.

Here is some of his voting record on abortion:

  • Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007)
  • Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. (Jul 2006)
  • Voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives. (Mar 2005)
  • Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime. (Mar 2004)
  • Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life. (Mar 2003)
  • Voted NO on maintaining ban on Military Base Abortions. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted NO on banning human cloning. (Feb 1998)
  • Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Expand embryonic stem cell research. (Jun 2004)
  • Sponsored bill for emergency contraception for rape victims. (Sep 2006)
  • Rated 0% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-choice stance. (Dec 2006)
  • Ensure access to and funding for contraception. (Feb 2007)

Getting back to Teddy…he was also riddled with scandal after scandal. Money can pretty much buy you anything but it can’t buy eternity in Heaven. Actually, let me rephrase that…money can buy an eternity in Hell but salvation is FREE.

I am of the opinion that most of the Kennedy clan did not know the Lord. They were staunch Roman Catholic as are a lot of the Irish. Most of my family is the same so I have some experience at this. Being RC is hard to overcome because the vanity of it is so strong.

It’s obvious what master Ted Kennedy served…but unfortunately for him, it wasn’t Jesus Christ. Right now, Mr. Kennedy is answering for what he has done. It’s too bad, though…he had the chance to repent and live.