Rape Conceived & the Plan of God, Part One

James Robison of Life Today tells his story to Focus on the Family about his life and how it nearly did not begin. If it were not for a doctor that said NO to the abortion question, Rev. Robison would not have brought so many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. If it were not for that doctor, the plan God had for him would have never been realized.

I lived amazed in amazing grace and amazed with the mighty hand of God in power and His love, and the fact that I’m even here, when today I would not be here, because if you could imagine a hospice nurse caring for an elderly man. She’s 40-years-old and the alcoholic son of that elderly man that she’s caring for rapes her and she conceives. And she goes to a doctor saying, “I was never supposed to be able to get pregnant. I’ve been married, never had children, divorced now and very much alone and I’m pregnant and here are the circumstances. Would you please abort the baby?” And that medical doctor said “I will not“….I think that’s what gives us passion for the life community and being pro-life is, that when you survive it, somebody has to speak for those children, don’t they?

Read and listen to the rest of his testimony here. See Life Today episodes here.

There are no orphans of God; God leaves no one behind. Rape exception abortion kills who God has created for His purpose and plan. ALL LIFE HAS VALUE.

TESTIMONY: Choosing LIFE & Faith, no matter what.

For there to be a testimony, there has to be a test. And as Christians, we are tested all the time. In a time when a woman finds herself pregnant at the very worst time, God tells us it’s never bad time to be the life giver He made women to be. Since the foundation of the WORLD we have been known by God, each with a divine purpose only He can give.


Being on the sidewalk, we hear so many ‘reasons’ why they can’t have their baby. But there are no reasons…not ONE…good enough to kill an innocent unborn child entrusted to the parents by God.

What a blessing to read this incredible testimony given by God’s woman, a woman who follows Him no matter what. After all, lemonade tastes much better than sour, bitter lemons.

Thank you God’s woman, for sharing this incredible testimony, and thank you for choosing LIFE: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ,” [Gal 6:2]

Written in her own hand, enjoy this beautiful testimony:

One year ago today at this time I was saying hello for the first time to my 2nd little bundle of joy, Zachary! I knew as soon as I found out he was a boy that the Lord put the name Zachary on my heart for him. I knew the meaning of the name at the time but I didn’t know why in particular the Lord wanted me to name him it until after he was born. You see I’m not going to go into details but a few months before Zach’s birth I started going through one of the worst times of my life and it was something completely out of my control. There was nothing I could do to avoid or help the situation but I had to just deal with it and do it 7 months pregnant at that! The beauty of being a child of God though is that I didn’t have to deal with it on my own but as always my Heavenly Father was right there by my side taking care of me in any way He could. If I only had the time to tell you all how many ways God has showed me how much He loves me and has had my back through this thing! One of the biggest ways was by Him giving me Zach. Before his birth I honestly was a little worried about how I was going to take care of a newborn and a 3 year old in my emotional state but after he was born and I spent a little time with him I understood immediately why the Lord gave me the name Zachary for him. Zachary means “God remembered” so you see in a time of deep despair God remembered me and gave me a literal bundle of joy! He really is just the happiest most laid back baby ever and has been since his birth. You can pretty much guarantee a laugh out of him whenever you see him. Of course my 3 year old already made me smile and laugh everyday no matter what but the Lord gave me another little blessing to make me smile and laugh even more despite what I was going through. Words can’t even describe the love I have for my 2 little boys and the joy that they bring to my life! [Anonymous]

The Bible says, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”



We are in the first week of our 40 Days for LIFE Fall Campaign. Yesterday [10/2], we came to the sidewalk and saw a visitor speaking with our 40 Days team leader. The leader asked me over to hear Jessi’s testimony and to pray for her. What I heard was not a testimony of abortion hell [like mine] or some kind of plot to terrorize prolifers. It was a story of great conviction and grief because Jessi THOUGHT of aborting her first child, not because she did.

You see, Jessi happened upon our 40 Days for LIFE vigil a couple of years ago which triggered her grief of contemplating abortion of her now born daughter. 40 Days for LIFE was there for her then AND now. The peaceful prayer vigil that 40 Days for LIFE offers give EVERYONE a chance to look inward to what abortion is: DEATH. How simple that seems but nonetheless the purpose of a peaceful vigil is to have that chat with our Lord and be a faithful witness to women and girls on the sidewalks of abortion facilities.

Jessi’s testimony is not unusual; it has all the assorted suspects that all testimonies have – no money, unsupportive friends, parents and of course…the EX. BUT thank God that in the midst of all that was attacking her life at that precious time, Jessi chose LIFE for her daughter, who now has a baby sister.

As I said, Jessi’s testimony is NOT unusual, but the outcome is: Abortion is the genie in the bottle for many women that have been spiritually and physically abandoned. Jessi is one of MANY that have been blessed by a 40 Days for LIFE vigil and continues to stand for LIFE!

I saw Jessi’s tears at the absolute terror of considering abortion death. When she looks at her daughter she thinks about how bad of a person she is for having had those thoughts. In the natural, one would think that she is over-thinking it BUT in the super-natural God has forgiven Jessi and blessed her beyond measure, so much so that she was given a beautiful baby sister for her daughter…a built-in best friend.

We saw photos of Jessi’s girl, a beautiful kindergartner. I wish I could say we see more LIFE than death on the sidewalk. Thank you Jessi for sharing and encouraging us! Too often we see childless moms seeking refuge and hope.

Every day on the sidewalk, we see anger, grief, tears, hollow eyes, fear, desperation, death. It’s our resolve to make this sidewalk a place for prayer and supplication, not accepted law. As Christians we need to band together and rally around those in desperate need BEFORE the assumed need of abortion is ever considered. Women and girls come and go in these abortion facilities thinking abortion will solve their problems. All abortion does is kill unborn children…that’s all. Abortion does not pay the rent, the car payments, buys food or makes anyone healthier. Abortion KILLS.

Please consider finding your local 40 Days for LIFE prayer vigil HERE.

Thanks to Steve Karlen of the National 40 Days team for encouragement on 10/1!

Steve Karlen, our Team Leader Holly & me
Steve Karlen, our Team Leader Holly & me
Signing his chapter in the 40 Days book
Signing his chapter in the 40 Days book
Visit with Steve Karlen
Visit with Steve Karlen

Stay tuned for more News you can use from the sidewalk… 🙂

Abortion, Old School Excuse.

Women and men that MAY consider abortion have thought and re-thought of what justifies killing their unborn child or children if they find themselves pregnant….well, not just pregnant but not they way they WANT to be pregnant. This is where the abortion ‘excuse’ becomes an Olympic event.

So, of course one bad decision deserves another, right?

This is what abortion really is, dead aborted babies in red tubs.

I’ll explain. When I peruse ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-abort’ blogs and articles, the authors give EVERY reason in the world to terminate, or MURDER, a child in the womb just in case they do get pregnant…some day. They cite reasoning that seems viable to the naked eye but the truth is that they seek a way out to make their own lives more viable than an unseemly blob of baby tissue that already has a heartbeat and his/her own separate DNA.

Then there are the pro-choice ‘abortion excuse’ blogs and articles that expound in GREAT DETAIL their justification for their abortion. All I can say about those is WOW. Talk about being the QUEEN OF THE EXCUSE. They give a laundry list of excuses of killing their own baby. But I suppose that an aspiring bartending career was more important than the love of your own child.

But worse of all are the prolife blogs and articles that tells a grand story of being post-abortive but skips the testimony. Without the testimony, sin was never addressed. If you don’t address sin, then nothing changes. You can’t do the same thing over and over expecting GREAT results.

“Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 5:20-21)

SIN. Yes, sin. That is why there is abortion and abortion law. I will be the very first to tell you that even though my mother forced me to abort as a minor, the reason I was pregnant in the first place is because I HAD SEX WHEN I SHOULD NOT HAVE. Marriage the ONLY reason why ANYONE should be having sex.

And don’t tell  me I’m a Victorian (yes, there was abortion then) or ‘Little House on the Prairie’. What do you expect when you forsake your morality and dignity as women? And then kill the unsuspecting unborn child? How does that make you a better woman? EVER?

Stop believing the abortion lie, and stop excusing yourself from the consequences: ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN.