Tim Hortons & Planned Parenthood?

In Columbus, OPPTimHortons1hio, today Tim Hortons sponsored a Planned Parenthood/Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus event called “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds” with Nancy Pelosi. This is a ‘bus tour’ for Democrat women up for election/re-election. If you have a Facebook account, you can see a photo here and here; you’ll notice a graphic aborted sign as well…they must have missed it.


If you knew your favorite restaurant, hotel, mall store or vacation spot supported Planned Parenthood and the abortion agenda, would you spend your money with them? Principled stewardship of your money is quite important and can change the minds of vendors, businesses and corporations.

I was as shocked as anyone when I heard Tim Hortons was a sponsor. It was heard from the podium, too. It was noted that a Tim Hortons food truck was there as well.

We spend a lot of money at our local Tim Hortons. However, in light of this, we will no longer spend our money with them. When they stop supporting abortion, abortion facilities and abortion purveyors we will come back.

You may tweet Tim Hortons at @TimHortons AND @TimHortonsUS, also email them here.

Their response to me via email said:

“Our Coffee Truck was at an event in Columbus that supported women in business. During this event there happened to be pro-life protestors on the site at the same time. I would like to stress that these two events are unrelated and that Tim Hortons has no direct involvement in this event.”

Tim Hortons is distancing themselves from Prolifers rather than Planned Parenthood?