BREAKING: TWO More Ohio Abortion Bizs Shut Down

Through amazing prolife work by sincere, loving Christian Ohioans, TWO more abortion mills in northeast Ohio are now CLOSED. We are working on the rest. Also note that Toledo is trying to pose a buffer zone law; we need to make sure that the city of Toledo recognizes that the city does, in fact, reside in AMERICA where the Constitution PROTECTS freedom of speech and religion. NOT ONE TIME has a prolifer EVER threatened anyone, yelled or screamed horrible names, or hindered anyone from entering the death pit, so myth busted. AND note that the particular abortion biz is still under a ‘stay’ because they cannot find ONE hospital that will award them with a transfer agreement.

Great news from Operation Rescue:

The Akron Women’s Medical Group, located in Akron, Ohio, is listed on a Google search as “permanently closed.” This facility conducted surgical and medication abortions. It’s Ambulatory Surgical Facility License is listed as “active.” However, the license expired on April 30, 2013, and has been under renewal status ever since, allowing the facility to continue operations.

The Cleveland Women’s Medical Group, was a medication abortion facility that currently states on their website, “This facility has been closed until further notice.” Because it only offered medication abortions, it did not require an ASF license. This facility referred surgical abortion patients to the Akron location. Read more here.


ENGAGE!!! Exposing the Abortion Agenda from the Pulpit, on the Sidewalk, in the Media, and at the Statehouse. Today, 60 unborn Ohioans will be aborted. TODAY.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates & legislation.

BREAKING: Ohio Governor Signs Prolife Provisions Into LAW

New legislation signed tonight by Governor John Kasich will protect women, children, families and generations to come. These new provisions can effectively SHUT DOWN up to three abortion facilities in Ohio. Ohio abortion facilities kill up to 65 unborn children every day.

“Kasich, who opposes abortion and permitted restrictions in the current budget, retained the provision. Toledo’s last abortion clinic has a transfer agreement with a hospital in Michigan, nearly 50 miles away. It could be forced to close under the measure….Ohio has eight abortion clinics, down from 14 about two years ago amid expanded GOP-crafted restrictions. Dayton’s only abortion provider was denied an operating variance this week by state officials.” Read the rest here.

Kasich’s new $71.2 billion budget takes effect at midnight and will protect ALL Ohioans, born and unborn. We thank Governor Kasich for his ability to serve ALL Ohioans.