This Precious Child

This beautiful child had almost everything against him at conception.

Before he was born, his father abandoned him and his mother.

His mother lives with friends and tries to live on the meager salary she makes since she has no help from the father.  She worked through the entire pregnancy.

This mom paid for all of her own appointments and ultrasounds and what she could not pay for, she sought help from local clinics and hospitals. This mom had a beautiful natural water-birth with a mid-wife present.

Unfortunately, most women in this situation would have decided to abort because ‘it would be best for the baby not to have to go through this’.  The real reason is SELFISHNESS.

But fortunately, this mom loves God and confessed Jesus is her Saviour. This mom knows that God is in control and has a perfect Will for both her and her son, a Will and Purpose that was destined even before the foundations of the world.

It was never an option to abort, his mom is a Child of God and knows that abortion is murder.

Meet our grandson, John Michael. And thank you, Precious Lord, for this beautiful child and his mother.

The Hope of John Michael
The Hope of John Michael


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